10 Creative Things You Can Do Today for Increasing Your Sales

Everyone needs immediate results in today’s fast-paced world. We want our meals sooner, we want to chat with people right away, and we get frustrated when a page takes longer than three seconds to launch. Marketers should move faster as they understand this need of today’s world.

Many that want to maximize the sales made by their website should do the same. It is getting increasingly complicated and competitive to serve and sell customers. It’s more challenging than ever to master the art of sales.

Customers can compare costs, review brands, and weigh competitive offerings in real-time thanks to rapid smartphones.

There are many comparison shopping services allowing customers to compare products and services of various brands on the same platform. Many bloggers and vloggers are reviewing products and posting their reviews online and available for customer’s pre-purchase study.

That’s why the consumers are well-informed and excited for real-time interaction, with customized support and experiences expected at any touchpoint.

They also decide which company provides the best solution, within their budget, and in a faster time frame. If you have a fintech app development company, your customers check and compare your services with other fintech app developers. Customers check your online customer support, as well as services and you should be as responsive as you can.

Here are 10 innovative ideas you can implement today to boost your online business sales:

1.  Keep your online presence simple yet effective

If you are using sliders on your homepage you probably know it has some pros and cons. While home page sliders help you feature specific products and content, they can lead to visitors’ confusion. There is also no proof showing they can enhance sales or revenue.

Instead of using the valuable above-the-fold area as a shifting slider, use it to promote your unique selling proposition. Also, if you have a variety of products, don’t present all of them on your home page.

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2.  Motivate customers to provide their contact information

Email marketing is an effective digital promotional method with one of the highest ROIs of any marketing tool. However, without emails, you can’t do any email marketing.

Create ways to get visitors’ email addresses to use in email marketing strategies and welcome them back to your blog.

One of the practical ideas to ask a visitor’s email address is to offer to send them something valuable. A file download or other things that cost low for you, yet are valuable to visitors can be a good option.

Accessing a list of customer emails cannot guarantee a sales boost if you don’t know how to do email marketing effectively. Don’t try cluttering your visitors’ inbox with unimportant heads-ups. Learn what customers like, expect, or be surprised by, and include them in the emails.

3.  Take advantage of contest marketing campaigns

Contest marketing is an effective marketing strategy that you can implement, especially if you have active social media pages.

You can run a photo contest on your Instagram page, for example. It is a good way to access user engagement as well as user-generated content that can be repurposed later.

Video contests are less likely to attract a large number of people willing to engage. They require more effort than photo contests.

Other types of contest marketing efforts include caption, voting contests, and sweepstakes.

Let your email subscribers know that you are running a contest. Hashtagify your social media contests to make them viral and attract more people.

4.  Let customers know what others like most

People are impressed by things that many people like, and that’s apparent by reviewing the history of social media. Social media users engage with posts with more likes and are curious about viral content, making them more viral.

This is the result of an effect called bandwagon. You can use this psychological effect in human beings to increase sales by pointing out your popular products.

5.  Captivate various audience segments by content marketing

Content marketing is a low-cost long-term marketing strategy where you focus on presenting valuable and relevant content. Quality content is a terrific way to boost your website’s traffic and conversions. It works even better if you devote some time to engage specific user segments.

Writing content tailored to particular consumer audiences allows you to appeal to a wider range of consumers. It acts as a win-win situation by helping you demonstrate your experience in their field.

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Engaging and customized content can bring in new customers while retaining the old ones. It is a practical strategy that increases sales and profit by customer action.

6.  Use interesting visual elements in your contents

Visitors to your website will get tired of long text blocks quickly! Photos must be used to split up text paragraphs to keep them reading. Even in blog posts that are mostly text-based, don’t forget to include interesting visual elements.

You can also use infographics to simplify complex and exhaustive content and make them more engaging for the audience. Similar to infographics, charts and tables are less exhausting for visitors and you should use them where possible.

7.  Help users compare your different packages

It’s getting increasingly difficult for users to choose from various brands and their various products. You can help them decide by providing comparison guides for a set of products you offer for similar demands.

You can even provide comparison guides for comparing your products with your competitors’. If you do so, remember to stay positive and fair about their offerings. Try explaining how you address their specific needs.

Another form is to compare complementary products that you do not offer but can be helpful for your visitors.

8.  Be as responsive as you can using live chat tools

Effective communication is of great importance in any business. It is a great way to build trust with prospects. Live chat apps are a great way to increase eCommerce purchases. But they can also be used to give details based on user inquiries. Since they provide an instant reaction, they are much more probable being used than a contact form.

Live chat can help almost every kind of company website, even those that do not conduct transactions online.

9.  Don’t forget about guest posts

Guest posting is the process of writing for and publishing on other websites and blogs. You can target websites that have a similar audience as yours.

Although the importance of the SEO effect on guest posts has been questioned, if handled correctly, they can be beneficial. Instead of focusing on the links, concentrate on the importance of putting the brand in front of a new audience. Guest posts are a great way to get your name out and attract new readers.

10.  Make use of gamification principles

Gamification is a perfect way to entice people to interact with the brand. Many brands use gamification elements in their social media platforms such as Instagram stories.

In such cases, the points gained in the process are worthless. But you would be surprised how much people love receiving them. We just crave instant gratification.

Gamification and consumer loyalty services are combined with apps like Belly and Foursquare. Starbucks has its mild version of gamified reward schemes, in which you win stars by making transactions at the coffee shop. Consider if gamification is a viable option for your business



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