10 Important Tips to Help Protect Your Jewelry Collection


One of the best collections a person will ever have is their jewelry. Aside from the fact that they are pretty and appealing to wear, these items are also priceless and can last for more than a lifetime. A single piece of fine jewelry can cost thousands of dollars and can be more expensive if it has precious stones and gems in it. Because of that, it’s important to make sure that you always take good care of these pieces

Collecting jewelry does not happen overnight. Most of the time, you will start by buying a pair of earrings, then a necklace, then a bracelet, rings. And before you know it, you’ll realize that you are already starting a collection. Since these accessories are expensive, you must store and maintain them properly to keep their value. In this article, we will discuss the different ways that can help protect your jewelry collection.

1.    Use creative and functional storage ideas

Just like your clothes and shoes, organizing your jewelry collection needs strategic techniques to make sure that it is properly maintained. There are different types of creative and functional jewelry storage ideas that you can use to store them properly. For instance, you can hang your necklaces to make sure that they will not get tangled or you can keep them neatly arranged on individual drawers after you use them. These storage ideas will not only help organize your jewelry but it’s also the best way to protect them from being damaged.

2.    Group them based on the type of metal or material

Whenever you store your jewelry, it’s important to separate them based on their metal. In that way, the materials will not mix with the others. As much as possible, you should have separate storage for all your gold jewelry and silver metals. You should also separate those that are made with delicate materials such as diamonds, pearls, and other gems. Think of it as organizing your clothes based on their colors, it’s creative and effective at the same time.

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3.    Always keep them clean and dry before storing

One of the biggest mistakes of jewelry owners is storing their accessories right after wearing them. While this is a good habit, you should make sure that they are clean and dry before putting them in the drawer. Simply because they might accumulate some dirt and dust which can later on damage its metals. What you can do is after removing them, gently wipe your jewelry with a clean, dry cloth before storing them. You should check it first for any damage or scratches.

4.    Keep them at a consistent temperature

If you have jewelry that is made with precious metals, make sure to not store them in a hot area. Exposure to extreme heat can certainly damage your jewelry. As much as possible, keep them in a well-ventilated area to protect their quality. That is one of the reasons why jewelry stores often have air-conditioning. Additionally, keep them at a consistent temperature. Changes in the room temperature can also cause cracks and other damage to your jewelry.

5.    Use their original boxes

For your finest jewelry, it’s best to use their original boxes when storing them. These boxes are designed to protect the accessory regardless of where it is stored. It usually has a soft base that will prevent scratches and a hardcover so it will not be damaged when accidentally bumped.

6.    Store often-used jewelry in easy-access areas

All jewelry collector has their favorite pieces. These are the necklaces, earrings, and bracelets that they wear almost all the time. As much as possible, you should keep these jewelry items in plain sight. In that way, it will be easier for you to find them whenever you want to wear them. Additionally, it will also prevent you from going through your entire storage looking for them if they are stored in easy-access areas.

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7.    Always send them for repair when needed

Whether you like it or not, one or two of your jewelry will be damaged. To make sure that the damage will not get worse, it’s better to send them immediately for repair. Keep in mind that in no circumstance you should try to repair unless you are knowledgeable about jewelry repair. Fixing it on your own may cause more damage than it has.

8.    Be careful when wearing them

If you know that you are wearing a piece of expensive jewelry, always be mindful of your movements. Sudden gestures and motions may accidentally damage them. Always make sure that your jewelry is perfectly fit for you as well so there will be no chances that it will fall off your hands or neck. If you happen to discover that your bracelet is too loose for your wrist, ask someone to adjust them. The same goes for your rings and necklaces. However, make sure that it will not be too tight as it can break your jewelry whenever you move.

9.    Always replace missing gems and stones

Another maintenance that you should always remember is replacing any broken or missing gems and stones. If your necklace has a damaged diamond pendant, make sure to bring them for replacement. This may add more expenses for you but it is part of owning a piece of fine jewelry.

10.  Don’t forget to secure your finest jewelry

The smartest way to protect your jewelry collection is to lock your finest jewelry in a safe or store them away with extra security measures. Some unavoidable circumstances may happen such as theft. You have to remember that jewelry is a valuable investment just like your home or car. It’s important to have extra protection in case of any unfortunate event that may happen.

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