4029357733 or 402-935-7733 – Is this PayPal or Credit Card?


Many users have reported a number related to their Paypal, or Credit card that they don’t recognize. That number or “402-935-7733”. In this article, we’ll tell you exactly what it is, and whether you should worry about it, or not.

First of all, what exactly is “4029357733 or 402-935-7733”:

Well, in most cases, it’s not something to worry about. It’s PayPal’s customer support contact number. It’ll pop-up on your credit card when you make a transaction/purchase through PayPal. It can either be written as “402-935-7733” or “4029357733”.


Is it legit?

Most of the time, it’s legitimate since it’s Paypal’s customer support contact number that pops up on your credit card when you purchase through PayPal. It’s pretty much an online purchase made on any website that supports PayPal. Now, people can have a hard time recognizing it since it’s just the number, without the name of the merchant.

Online businesses often utilize PayPal, so it’s quite common to shop online using PayPal. In simple words, PayPal acts as what you’d call a “middleman” when you purchase their services. That means that your money will first go to PayPal, and then it’ll be transferred over to the seller.

So, in most cases, you’ll see the name and contact information used on PayPal, and not the seller’s actual name. PayPal may display the seller’s name when they charge your credit card, but it isn’t as straightforward as just that. The seller’s name isn’t displayed in full, some of the letters are hidden, or replaced with asterisks.

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The information on the statement could be different from the one mentioned on the website you’re purchasing from. If your PayPal balance is sufficient, your credit card or linked bank account won’t be charged, but if it isn’t, you’ll likely see a charge on your credit card or bank account with PayPal’s customer support contact number.

Someone could use your credit/debit card to make a fraudulent purchase through PayPal, so at times, it may not be legit, and you may need to contact your credit card company for assistance.

How can you determine whether “402-935-7733 or 4029357733” is legit or a scam?

To determine whether it’s legit or a scam, you’ll need to keep a few things in mind, even if your credit card hasn’t been charged, and your PayPal balance proved sufficient.

  • Think back at the time of the purchase/transaction. Were there any events at the time that required a specific purchase? The event could be anything, from wedding ceremonies to just travelling.
  • Go through your email, and look for a purchase receipt before, or after the date of purchase. Most of the time, sellers charge your account on the day of the products’ shipment, not the date of purchase, but make sure you go through your email before and after that date. If you can search for it, type keywords like “purchase receipt, purchase confirmation, or PayPal”.
  • Did you use your PayPal to donate to someone? Like a streamer, or a charity, for example. Both of these support PayPal, and it’s highly likely if you paid an amount of 25 or 50 dollars. Sellers also charge “sales tax”, and a few other transaction fees, making the pending amount random.
  • Check for any corresponding charges on your PayPal account that feature the same date and amount. You’ll find a detailed description of the purchase on your PayPal account, with the seller’s name and contact information.
  • To the same, if you use an eBay account, and see if there are any similar purchases.
  • The last thing you can do is check the total amount that you’ve been charged with. Small amounts are usually legitimate, so the problem lies with larger transactions, so make sure you recognize all your heavy transactions.
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That’s just about it. This should help you determine if 4029357733 is legit, or part of a scam. In most cases, it won’t be a scam, and that’s quite obvious seeing as it is PayPal’s customer support phone number.

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