5 Alternative Career in Denver – Salary and Benefits

Alternative Career in Denver

The cost of living in Denver can be considered inexpensive compared to other highly developed cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles. However, it does not mean that living expenses are affordable. Even the Denver apartments demand huge expenses, which can cause more than $2,000 monthly. That is why we have decided to present five alternative career in Denver which will lessen up your burden.

Research Assistant

A professional research assistant will assist in schedule intervention sessions, hire participants, manage data compilations, and work with general study management. This sector is demanded in the research faculty of medicine, which is why you need to have an interest in working with older people, especially those who have HIV.

The salary is considered according to your skills and experience. An estimation of $37,000 – $53,000 annually can be considered. The University of Colorado grants a full package of benefits and ensures a safe environment for the students, staff, faculty, and visitors.


A job in welding is not a difficult thing, it is one of the alternative career in Denver. You have to be skillful enough to do welding in various directions like flat, horizontal, overhead, or vertical. Striking an Arc while welding or igniting flame or performing other electrical work for pipeline welding must be in the list of your book of experience.


The main mission of an optometrist is to supply therapeutic and preventive eye care to any patient. Diagnosing and treating any kind of vision-related symptoms is also an optometrist’s responsibility.

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Adventure Dental provides a competitive salary and a great benefits package. The annual salary can be estimated at around $110,000-$150,000. The benefits package includes Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Vision Insurance, and Dental insurance.

Financial Analyst

The job of a financial analyst is to produce business reports that represent analysis and interpretation of different business units along with its components. He will be responsible for creating models that will be used as a component to assess the profitability of acquisition and other deals with profitable alternative career in Denver.

The estimated annual salary for a financial analyst at Arrow Electronics is around $75,000-$100,000. They also grant a benefits package which includes Health Insurance, Disability Insurance, on-site gym, Dental Insurance, and Vision Insurance.

Dental Assistant

The primary work of a dental assistant is to assist the hygienist and the dentist in providing high-quality and proper care to the patients at the dental practice according to the given requirements.

Adventure Dental prepares a competitive salary and a huge package of benefits. Health insurance and vision insurance are but a few benefits that Adventure Dental has to offer. An estimated annual salary of a dental assistant is $30000 to $38,000.If you desire to find a good job in Denver we advise you to check out Jooble.

After going through various sectors, it can be seen that an estimated annual salary of a welder is $29000 to $56,000. The health and safety of the employees are the top priority of the constitution. Also, different antibodies will be supplied to maintain a hygienic condition for the welder to work safely.

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