5 Ways To Organize Your Office To Boost Productivity


In the past, offices were always pegged as a simple room filled with a desk and chair. Office interior design was not a thing back then. It’s one of the reasons many old offices are often seen with piles of papers and folders on the floor, much like how we see it in the movies. However, in the present time, more and more offices are becoming interested in making their offices look more than just an office.

If you haven’t seen the Google office, you wouldn’t know how much an organized and well-decorated office can inspire and boost employees’ creativity and productivity. Of course, not everyone has the same resources and funds to build a creative like that. However, you need to make sure that your employees will have the same experience by keeping an organized office.

What makes an organized office?

As a business owner, you should also pay attention to how you design your offices. A simple way of making sure that an office is organized is by installing office storage cabinets and shelves to avoid clutter on the floor. But it is just the first step. Here are some tips on how you can make your office look and feel more organized:

1.   Set up a theme and stick to it

Decorating an office is basically the same as designing your house. It all starts with how you want it to look. Once you have that setup, it will be easier for you to stay with the tone.

2.   Pick the right furniture

As much as possible, get comfortable tables and chairs for your employees. Remember, they will be in the office for almost the entire day so it’s important that they will feel comfortable doing their job.

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3.   Utilize organizational ideas

If you are lucky to have a storage area, that’s good. However, if you only have limited spaces, it’s best to use smart ways to archive your files. Office storage cabinets are the most effective way to do that. Instead of having papers and folders on the desks, keeping them in shelves and cabinets will make it look cleaner.

4.   Go digital

One perk of modern technology is that there are already a lot of ways to share files without printing them. You can utilize this option to minimize the clutter at work.

5.   Implement CLAYGO

Every office needs to maintain cleanliness and organization at all times. However, it’s a two-way street. Aside from giving your employees all the necessary tools and equipment, they should also play the part. You can implement the clean as you go policy to make sure that every employee will clean up every time they make a mess.

These are just a few ways how you can keep your offices clean and organized all the time. The key is not only to enforce cleanliness but also to provide them with ways to maintain it.

How an organized office can boost productivity?

Every office owner has one goal: to make their business thrive. That is why many bosses spend their time coming up with strategies and techniques to beat their competition. However, what most of them forget is that there’s a single way to make sure that their business will run smoothly at all times: inspiring their employees. And the best way to do that is to keep the offices’ organized and clean all the time, and here are the reasons how it can help.

1.   It promotes good health

Once your office is clean, it promotes good health. It means that no one in the office can be sick because of your environment. Keep in mind that your employees are spending most of their day inside the office and if the environment is now clean, it can cause sickness which in turn will cause absences that can affect the flow of your business.

2.   It’s more inspiring to work

Relaxing in your clean bedroom and living room is truly rewarding. It’s the same with a clean office. If you don’t see any clutter or piles of papers, you will be more inspired to work. Seeing an unorganized office looks very stressful, which can transpire to the moods of your employees. But if you keep it clean and organized, your employees will feel more relaxed and inspired.

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3.   It’s easier to use communal equipment

Unless you are a big shot company, you won’t have individual printers, faxes, and other communal equipment. If your office is dirty and messy, it will be too risky to use these shared facilities. People will hesitate to print a document or send paperwork to the client. You are lucky if they will stand up on their seats. By keeping the office neat and clean, it’s easier to use this communal equipment.

4.   It will be easier for you to locate everything

It goes without saying that when everything is organized, it’s easier to look for files, papers, and other important documents in the office. Once you have office storage cabinets installed in the office and you label them properly, your employees will not have to spend more time locating an old contract or an employee record. Everything will be readily accessible.

5.   It keeps them focused on working

Once the office is taken care of, they wouldn’t need to worry about anything else. It means that their entire time in the office will be dedicated to finishing their task instead of just cleaning and organizing their files. They will save more time and do more work, which is more beneficial to your company.

Shop for office storage ideas

The road to keeping your entire office clean and organized will start by the time you first open your doors. You need to make sure that you have all the necessary furniture and equipment to keep everything in its proper place. Luckily for you, Storables.com has a wide range of inspirations and references for the best office storage ideas. These will help you kick-start your business and start a more productive team. Visit their website to know more.


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