6 Times Grants May Not Work for You

Every grant seeker wants to become better at writing a winning proposal. Grants usually come from a government agency or privates. So, whether you are seeking a federal grants or a private one, there some things that grants will not include. For instance, employee compensation or salaries and other things. Hence, where this is the case you need a grant, it will not work for your organization because of the reasons. Below are 6 times grants will not work for you and there is no need of applying. 

  1. When you need money quickly 

Sometimes your non-profit needs money fast for something essential in the organization. For instance, it may be needing a vehicle and you have identified one that has a great price. Therefore, time is important and you need to purchase it fast. In such a case, applying for a grant to get that vehicle will be unnecessary. Since your need is time-sensitive and grants take time. Thus, seek another form of funding that will give you money fast. If you wait for the grant, it will disappoint you as you have to apply, try your best to meet the criteria, and wait up to months for the final decision. 

2. For savings 

Sometimes your rainy day fund may end up being used up as you run your organization. After sorting the emergencies and other things that you needed with your savings you do not know how to get the savings fund back up. Do not apply for a grant in such a case as well. Grants are to help you serve your recipients to create a greater impact not to create for you an emergency fund. Funders want their money to go into operations and things you have put in place to help in the community. Hence, your savings fund is not in this category. 

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3.When you cannot spend it as fast enough

Many foundations require you to spend the money they give your organization in a certain time frame. Therefore, if your program is not ready and because of this you cannot spend your money fast, avoid seeking a grant. So if you cannot work in line with the time frame the funders give which in most cases is one year, avoid applying for it. Plus, when you receive grant funds and treat them like savings because you are not ready to use them, you will lose the privilege of getting funds from that foundation again.

4. For payroll 

The only time you can apply for a grant to help your organization sort out payroll is when the grant was set up specifically for paying your administrative staff. Plus, most funders prefer helping out in more hands-on work. Although the administrative side is as important, most grantors will rarely offer funds for such a purpose. Thus, avoid looking for funders to help you cover any overhead costs. 

5. When you cannot track your expenditures 

How is your bookkeeping system before you seek a grant? Where you cannot track your expenditures to the penny don’t look for grants. Plus, as you apply for a grant, you are telling the funder that the money they will give you will be for a specific purpose. Thus, if you do not track every penny as you should, it means that you will use that money for other things. So, ensure you have a strong accounting system before you look for grants. This will help you commit to the funds as they will be tracked. 

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6. When you cannot measure the impact 

You need to measure the impact of what you are requesting the grant money for. For instance, if you need a vehicle that you feel will be instrumental in your organization. As you apply for the grant, you have to explain how it will impact the recipient of your service. Does this mean you will rescue more animals? Deliver more meals? This will not be helpful if you need the vehicle for personal issues. When you seek a grant it comes with conditions that you have to follow and the funders need to know how impactful their money was to your organization. 


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