8 American Post Secondary Institutions With the Best Financial Programs

The USA is home to several notable universities and colleges that have become known worldwide. When choosing a school to attend, your list of options should depend on the career path you wish to pursue. Many students want to have a career in finance, whether that be an accountant, bank teller, financial advisor or other related job role. There are plenty of wonderful programs in the USA for those wishing to pursue a career in finance. Here are 8 American Post Secondary Institutions with the best financial programs. 

  1. University of Pennsylvania

The University of Pennsylvania has the best opportunities for students wanting to dive into the worlds of finance. The school is split up into 12 separate schools, one being called Wharton School. This separate school is dedicated to financial-based education. It has been around for over 120 years, and has consistently been an essential resource in financial studies. Wharton school has elevated what we know as finance today, and has contributed to a huge amount of modern finance reseach. At Wharton School, students can select from 63 unique courses. There are also three types of degrees students can obtain in this sector of the University of Pennsylvania, they include: undergraduate, MBA, and PhD. Overall, the University of Pennsylvania and the Wharton School have an abundance of educational opportunities for students wanting to earn a finance degree.

2. New York University

NYU is rated the second best post secondary institution for finance students in America. New York University is notorious for its enriching courses and programs in a multitude of career fields such as art, acting, writing, and most importantly, finance. Like the University of Pennsylvania, New York University is also split up into several distinct schools. The financial school of New York University is called Stern School of Business. “Stern offers undergraduate, MBA, and PhD degrees, and business/financial heavy courses. The goal of Stern’s programs is to adequately prepare students for the modern, hectic, and quickly paced world,” shares Regina Dean, finance writer at Dissertation Help.

3. University of Michigan

The University of Michigan runs on a trimester based academic schedule. This university is rated third for its financial programs. The Stephen M. Ross School of Business is the section of the University of Michigan that focuses on financial education. Michigan Ross provides a dynamic approach to finance, covering endless relevant topics useful to future voices in the money side of the business industry. The University of Michigan has the same levels of finance degrees as the other two schools. Michigan Ross has customizable programs, so all types of students can alter their education to their own needs and goals. Students can even choose to take courses online, so individuals worldwide can experience the University of Michigan programs. Michigan Ross promotes innovation, creativity, and leadership to its students. 

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4. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Divided into five separate schools, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has achieved high reception from their groundbreaking programs. Massachusetts Institute of Technology is primarily known for engineering, but they still have an established finance school, making them fourth on the list. MIT Sloan School of Management is the financial school of MIT. They offer an 18 month long program called, “Master of Finance Program”. This program is targeted towards those who want a challenge, and identify as high achievers. The Master of Finance program follows a STEM based curriculum. MIT’s view on finance is derived from an engineering, revolutionary, and innovational lens. MIT provides students with hands on, experience heavy courses and opportunities. Fincinance students who attend MIT get involved with theories, current industry practices, and physical financial models.

5. University of Texas

The University of Texas is one of the largest post secondary institutions in all of America. Due to its size, there are 13 separate schools that are part of the University of Texas. Since the McCombs School of Business has led thousands of students to success, the University of Texas is ranked fifth on this list. Currently, the McCombs School of business is actually ranked number one for Masters in Finance. This is due to the degree taking 10 months to complete. It is only recommended for those who can take on the challenge, and learn a huge amount of information in a small amount of time. Since the program is so intense, it doesn’t count as a regular type of degree, which stops the University of Texas from being considered as number one. Their undergraduate and graduate degrees cover business and financial essentials. The accounting program is recognized as number one in the country, so if you want to become an accountant, check out this opportunity. 

6. University of California Berkeley

Though the University of California Berkeley is primarily engineering centered, they have wonderful financial programs. The Haas School of Business is highly regarded and respected by financial experts. This school shares education about unique financial viewpoints and strategies. Some topics include: sustainable investing, risk management, credit ratings, and mutual funds. Their finance program is in depth, and gives a real time perspective on the financial industry. The different financial related departments of Haas include areas such as: marketing, finance, ecommerce, accounting, and economics. The several different pathways and course options make Berkley a safe choice for those who want to pursue finance.

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7. Boston College

Boston College is ranked seven amongst institutions with financial programs in America. This institution has 9 separate schools,  one of them being the Carroll School of Management. This school prepares finance students for analytical and quantitative scenarios. Carroll School of Management has an intense, vigorous approach to education. Financial students can pick from a PhD, a Master of Science, or undergraduate degree when studying at Boston College. A huge benefit of attending Carroll School of Management is getting access to professional financial organizations. School faculty gives students resources to agencies, firms, and other workplaces. This benefit assists financial students in finding a career while attending school and once they complete their degree. Having an instant connection to the finance industry will help those attending Boston College feel confident that they can seek out a manageable career transition. 

Carnegie Mellon University

This institution is located in Pittsburg, and is ranked eight for its financial program. Carnegie Mellon University is split up into seven separate schools. The financial school is known as the Tepper School of Business. Tepper’s financial education runs on the knowledge of how governments and business can raise funding overtime. Research and the allocation of resources are also two of the key ideas Tepper introduces to its financial students. These are the programs that Tepper School of Business provides: MBA Concentration, Financial Economics Doctoral Program, MS in Computational Finance, and BS in Computational Finance.  Tepper has recently been involving students in the world of cryptocurrency, sharing insights on blockchain technology. 

These American Post Secondary Institutions have been highly recognized as assets to the financial industry for years. This list marks the top 8 institutions for American finance students in 2022. Though many have similar degrees, each school has a unique take on financial education. With research, online tours, careful planning, and weighing out your options, you can choose the best program for you. America certainly has endless options for future individuals in the financial industry to take advantage of, seeking an enriching education. 


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