A Look into The World of 125cc Motorcycles In 2021

Motorcycles In 2021

The world of 125cc motorcycles has always had a lot to offer, but these days you tend to get a lot more for your money. 125cc motorcycles are the number one choice for learners, commuters and people who don’t need, or want lots of power, mainly because they offer enough power when you need it. When compared to bigger bikes with bigger engines you should find that the fuel consumption is considerably better too. Here’s a quick look into the world of 125cc motorcycles today and what is on offer.

The Bikes

The round up today includes 3 of the best bikes on the market to date from Kawasaki, Honda and of course, Yamaha. All are great machines, but they all offer something a little bit different;

Kawasaki Z125

The Kawasaki Z125 is in the ‘super naked’ class of bikes because it has minimal body fairing, showing off some of the best-looking machinery for all to see. The bike boasts the unique Sugomi Kawasaki design which really makes itself known just by looking at the thing, take a look at wheelsmotorcycles.co.uk to see for yourself.

You get an electronic starting system, a wet multi disc clutch, 6 speed gearing system and dual piston brake callipers. On the front you get a telescopic fork whilst on the back you get a gas-charged shock which is also adjustable for extra comfort. These features, coupled with LED lights throughout make this one of the most desirable bikes you could possibly own.   

Honda CB125R

The Honda CBR125R is a superb looking bike for starters, Honda has very cleverly combined the look of a retro and modern styling into one which makes it one of the most attractive bikes on the market. The bike is an all-round balanced bike, you get LED lighting and a pretty unique looking ‘rounded’ front headlight, good suspension and braking set up and a great looking exhaust that sits under the bike, 

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You also get wavy discs with the braking system that add a really cool, modern look to the bike, a perfect addition that makes the bike stand out from the crowd. Furthermore, it’s also affordable so you shouldn’t need to call your accountant before buying one. There have also been some updates so you get a set of upgraded forks by way of Showa SFF-BP and a new engine which delivers more power than the previous version giving you a total of 15bhp.

Yamaha MT-125

Yamaha has really delivered on this bike, offering a ‘stripped down’ version of the YZR-R125 sports bike. That is not to say that is in any way inferior whatsoever, what it does mean is that you don’t have all the faring and aerodynamic looks, instead you get a ‘rawer’ looking bike which has a more comfortable riding position.

Some new features include things like variable valve timing or (VVT) that give you improved torque, you also get a new LCD dash, a cool looking LED front headlight that sits within the body of the faring. Also included are a slip /assist clutch, an improved seat and a wider rear tyre. This could possibly be the best-looking bike in its range, but, that’s for you to decide.



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