Vancouver Media Production And Film Company To Increase Your Audience

Advice From a Vancouver Media Production And Film Company To Increase Your Audience

According to tot statistics, it has been shown that companies that use video as a form of marketing have grown their revenues by over 45% faster than those that don’t use this form of media advertising. Conversion rates have also been higher per year for those using it, some have reached upto 34% higher than previous years, and there is good reason for this. Audiences prefer this format and according to some of the well-established media production companies in Vancouver, their client bases have increased significantly over the past decade because competitors are seeing a vast positive difference in the numbers, and as we all know, the numbers don’t lie.

Video adverts are the way of the future. There is no doubt that they allow advertisers and companies from all sectors, to connect directly to their audience, more than static or content adverts.

So what exactly is video advertising? We take a look at this, and the many advantages of opting for this service.

Video Advertising – What is it?

Promotional content that, when clicked plays before your eyes in a streaming fashion, is often known as a video. It could be anything from display ads to those that need to be clicked or move when a mouse cursor is moved over it. It has become one of the most popular ways to reach any audience and is so versatile that it can be used in the majority of sectors ranging from engineering to medical, construction and education.

When you go onto websites such as YouTube or Vimeo, you can easily spot a video. So in a nutshell, that’s what it is.

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Advantages of Using Video

Advantages of Using Video

There is an assortment of using this format of marketing, and we look at 3 of these below.

It is compatible with most screens

Video is versatile. Remember how a platform such as Instagram grew in popularity? when it started in 2010, it was a very text-heavy platform, and people only ever uploaded images and displayed content on their personal and company pages. However at the turn of the 20th century, with the addition of various types of videos, this space grew tenfold and is now one of the most popular places for people to advertise their products and services, through video.

This format works brilliantly with small screens as well as large ones. Your eyes may have found it more difficult to read text on an ad, as opposed to seeing an audiovisual version of it, and it’s far more entertaining. If the content is engaging and relevant to its audience, you will find more clicks and likes on it.

It Is Convenient

Digital viewers much prefer to watch this format just like they would movies and series or documentaries. It is a convenient source of entertainment as well as education. Videos account for over 60% of all internet traffic and with such high volumes of people online all day, everyday, why would anyone waste their time creating text-based adverts? Not many viewers like the idea of reading something when they have the option of watching it.

It Increases Conversion Rates

If you read something there may or may not be as much emotion attached to it. However, when you watch a film or video format, there is a far better chance of you feeling the message. Say for example you watch a cooking show, would you rather read the recipe and try and figure out how to make the item yourself, or watch how it’s done step by step and follow it?

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According to companies who are in the business of taking this type of marketing approach for their clients, one such being Upmedia company Vancouver it is much harder to boost conversion rates with text than it is with a cinematic approach. By placing videos on certain spaces such as a landing page, for example, you have the possibility of increasing conversion rates of upto 80%.

In its simplest explanation, this form of advertising has proven more effective time and time again for many companies and is here to stay, so embracing the concept is one of the best ways for you to see those numbers jump and those profits increase for your organization.

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