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Are you familiar with the popular dice game that is featured in every online casino? It’s called craps. It requires 2 dice in, and the players take turns betting on the outcome of each roll. No special equipment is required to play the game; you can play both in a professional casino and sitting on a bench on the street.

This is one of the oldest games that is presented in any casino. And its origins take their roots from the time of the Crusaders.

Game of craps

During the game of craps, bets are placed on the table, as in roulette. Each player has the right to make certain bets, thanks to this, having won. For successful bets, you need to take into account the basic rules of probability theory, because this is the only way to predict what value will fall on the dice during the roll.

Players place bets on the table, and one of them commands the dice. At the table there should also be an experienced dealer or croupier who follow the rules of the game. Bets must be made before the dice are rolled. The croupiers also distribute winnings and remove losses from the table.

After the croupier has announced that no bets are accepted, no chips can be placed on the table. The player with the dice makes a roll, on which the fate of the bets depends. Based on the results of the throw, winning and losing bets are determined.

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Each casino may have its own craps game features. But there is a basic set of rules that every bookmaker must adhere to. The player who rolls two dice is called the shooter. He bets Pass and/or Don’t Pass.

This is the name of the bet on the outcome of the round. There are also bets “Right and wrong” or “Win and not win”. In order to place a bet, you need to place the desired number of chips in the marked area of ​​the playing field. This can be done by the player himself, or he can ask the croupier or the dealer for help.


Rules of the game

Throwing two dice is done with one hand. During rolling, you must adhere to the following rules. They are set by the casino in order to prevent dice from switching or controlled shots. Previously, this was commonplace, so the result of the game was not always fair and objective.

To announce the results of the rolls, slang names for numbers were introduced. They are used by croupiers and dealers. These names were born in New Orleans, so this terminology is closely intertwined with American culture.

For example, a two in craps is called “Snake Eyes”, and a four is called “Little Joe”. The one is called “Jesse James” and the 4-6 combination is referred to as “Up”. The 4-5 combination is called “Old Michael” because of the playing number of the popular athlete Michael Jordan.

Table craps

Table craps was invented by John Wynn back in the 19th century, but it is still popular in almost every casino. The table covered with green felt comes in all shapes and sizes. But the most common option is similar in shape to a bathtub.

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All bets are placed in the center of the table, the “Skip” and “Don’t Pass” fields are placed. This table is served by 4 casino employees. The boxman oversees the work of the dealers and manages the chips. The croupier announces the bets and the results of the rolls. Two dealers sit on opposite sides of the table and manage the bets of the players in their region.

Craps have a fairly fast pace of play, so employees should double-check all decisions to avoid mistakes and misunderstandings from their colleagues. But only large bookmakers provide such a number of employees on one table. And more modest casinos use the “mini-casino” version.

The best types of bets available

Each bookmaker offers consumers its own set of bets. But there are the basic most common variants that can be found in any casino: Reckless Craps, High Point Craps, Simplified Craps, Die Rich and New York Craps.

Should each player act as a shooter when it’s their turn?

It is not necessary to perform the function of a shooter at the table. If a player is nervous, uncomfortable to deal with such tension, he may miss his turn. The result of the move does not depend on the person in any way, but some players still worry about this.

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