Connected Packaging, A New Way to Engage with Your Customers

Connected Packaging

In a world with ubiquitous social media and seemingly constant engagement, it is somehow still difficult to forge genuine connections with customers. The average consumer is inundated with advertising from every angle. Companies are constantly attempting to gain their business by touting thousands of five-star reviews, but it’s questionable how many of those were left by real customers. It’s clear that authentic relationships between brands and customers are few and far between, but you can combat this problem with recycled pouch packaging that also serves as a way for buyers to connect with you. Skip the gimmicks and offer consumers a real way to reach out, offer feedback, and engage with your brand.

Interesting Application Possibilities

One of the greatest benefits of custom coffee packaging is the opportunity it provides to establish your brand’s visual design. You can craft a bold and bright package that immediately attracts customers’ attention and represents your product beautifully. Pretty packaging isn’t enough to build a loyal customer base, though, and it certainly isn’t enough to inspire a connection with them. You need to invest in a feature that will help customers discover your brand values and see the purpose of your products. Connected packaging that features a QR code is a great way to achieve this.

QR codes are great because they can provide a simple, straightforward tool to link customers to your social media — or if you want to be ambitious, it can offer an avenue for some interesting application possibilities. Some businesses have linked their code to an online scavenger hunt, for example, that prompts users to look for specific information relating to the brand and its values. You can also offer some quick information on the possible creative uses of your product — for example, if you’re selling artisanal coffee, link your QR code to a recipe for coffee crumble cake that uses your beans.

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Engage Your Customers

The goal of connected packaging is to facilitate engagement between customers and the products they buy. There are many ways to achieve this connection, but it’s typically the most effective when it emerges from an organic interaction like scanning a QR code. Custom printed Mylar bags can be designed to feature your code or link to your company’s social media for more information, and customers can then learn more about your products and the values of your brand. This level of connection might not seem particularly deep at first, but it paves the way for more invested engagement in the future.

Connected packaging is just one of many ways you can connect with your customers more effectively. You have all of the tools at your disposal to gather feedback, obtain valuable data, and gauge buyers’ reactions to your company. If you want genuine engagement, the first step is to listen and demonstrate to customers that you value their input. With this foundation of trust, you can work towards meaningful conversations and develop the engagement you want to see from your customers.

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