Google Opinion Rewards Hack – How Does It Work

Google Opinion Rewards is an application that offers money for each survey you complete. The surveys are usually short, and take as little as 10 seconds to complete!

Now, the application has been around for a while, but hasn’t been catching much attention. The amount of one survey is can be 0.40$+. Now, if you multiply the least amount of money you could make with the amount of 10 second surveys you could complete in an hour, that makes 144$ per hour.

If that amount remains constant, then you could make 3,456$ per day! That’s honestly huge. But, however, the amount can vary from survey-to-survey. You could make way less, or way more than that.

The application isn’t being discussed by bloggers either. Now, this article will cover everything you need to know about the application.

How Does Google Opinion Rewards Work?

The application is available on the Google Play Store and the Application Application Store for you to download. Just download the application on your device and give the application the permissions it requires.

Now, one of these permissions includes being able to access your location. You may find that odd, but there’s a good reason behind that. The reason is that the application gives you surveys related to the stores you’ve recently been to. If you don’t give it permission to access your location, it will not be able to do that.

Now, the surveys can sometimes be random, but most of the times, you’ll get a survey related to a store you’ve been to before. The surveys can be as short as 3 questions!

Now, this can be in the following pattern;

  • It’ll give you a list of applications, and ask which store you’ve recently been to.
  • Then, it’ll ask you to confirm the date you visited the store on.
  • The third question can be about what you bought, or how much you paid for the item you bought.
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Some people might think that you’ll need to add credit card information for the last question, but that’s not the case at all.

How Does Google Opinion Rewards Pay You?

The payment method varies from smartphone-to-smartphone. The method is different for Android and iPhone users. Now, iPhone may require PayPal for you to receive your payment. Once you reach a total of 2$, the application will automatically transfer the amount to you.

On the other-hand, Android users are awarded Google Play credits for each survey they complete. These credits can be used in the Google Play Store to purchases games, movies, music, and even in-game purchases.

Sadly, if you’re an android user, you cannot use them as real money. They’ll just be points meant to be used for purchases made through the Google Play Store.

Now, that doesn’t mean that it’s completely useless for you. You’re still getting points you can spend on their store instead of using real money! If you ask me, that’s a steal, especially if you’re someone who plays games.


Google Opinion Rewards Pay You?

How Can You Increase The Number Of Surveys You Get?

As I mentioned above, the application sends you surveys based on the stores you visit. Now, to be clear, you do not have to make a purchase at the store, or walk into the store. All you have to do, is walk by the store, and the application will register that store as one you’ve visited. You can just walk through stores and it’ll register them as visited stores. It’s as simple as that!

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I guess you could say that the more you visit a store, the more surveys you’ll get. For example, if you’ve recently been to stores like Walmart, Costco; heck, even if you’ve walked by a store like Verizon Wireless, the application will give a survey related to that!

Now, there’s no need to worry if the stores are different if your area. The application counts every registered store you’ve visited, or even walked by. You could even get surveys related to one store repeatedly. These types of stores are the ones you want to visit!

Learn more about it from Google Support

Now, there’s certain third-party applications out there that you could use to trick Google Opinion Rewards into provides dozens of surveys, allowing you to make a lot more money than usually. But, they’re obviously breaking Google’s terms of service. If you’re caught, you could be in major trouble.

I wouldn’t say that this application would replace your full-time income. In-fact, you could earn as little as 10$ in 4 months. But, then again, that is expected. The Google Opinion Rewards application basically asks for your opinion about stores you’ve visited. It’s common sense that an application like can never be a full-time source of income. With that said, you’re still making something for doing as little as answering a ten-second survey.

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