How Much Have You Spent On League Of Legends?

How Much Have You Spent On League Of Legends

If you’re a video-game enthusiast, you’ve probably heard of the sensation known as League of Legends, an online-multiplayer RPG game with over 100 million users across the world. It has become an obsession for video-game fanatics and has made its way into e-Sports.

It provides a meek, yet complex gameplay, with progression and improvement, making it impossible even for a connoisseur to excel without upgrades. As such, these upgrades are acquired in the form of micro-transactions, such as gold and gems, a cybernetic currency that is accessible through payment.

Therefore, this exhibits the prominence of in-game procurements, and however expensive they might be, the enticement to obtaining them overwhelms one’s wallet. So, how much have you spent on League of Legends? 

What Is League Of Legends?

Developed by Riot Games on 27th October 2009, League of Legends is a competitive, fast-paced, action-strategy game, which has paved its way into the hearts of video-game fiends and experts alike.

It’s FREE and permits advancement through ranks through combative matchmaking. You can earn champions and assets through conquest on the arena, and climb up the competitive hierarchy.

Whether you’re an individual player or a cohesive unit, League of Legends is certain to provide an amusing and perplexing experience.

How Much Have You Spent On League Of Legends?

Statistically, an average League of Legends spends around $350 on micro-transactions, which is a reasonable amount. Even more so, the champions appear rather ravishing not to spend an immense sum on.

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Does spending more mean that you’re BETTER? No! You shouldn’t gamble with your money as a means to elevate yourself more than others at the game, you won’t. There’s no compulsion or coercion to constantly invest money into the game when you can devote sweat and time instead. It is imperative to reminiscent that League of Legends is not pay-to-win, which is one of the prerequisites of the game!

The conclusion is that; if you don’t have adequate funds to finance in the game, don’t! Albeit procuring upgrades can escalate your probabilities of evolving in the game, they won’t assure it!

Nevertheless, if you’re eager to know how much you’ve spent on League of Legends, simply trail these steps;


You can receive a comprehensive analysis of how much you’ve spent on League of Legends by sending a ticket to Riot Games through their Support.

After you’ve submitted a request with all the necessary facts, you will receive an e-mail from Riot Games with a response regarding your demand – it might take hours or days!

Why Should You Spend More Wisely?

I’m going to be honest, it’s agonizing to observe so much of your money going into micro-transactions without you even keeping a track of it. It can be devastating to lose your account over some issue and witness all your currency going down the drain.

From my surveillance, I’ve seen countless video-game fanatics lose their accounts, and likewise, lose their sums of money which they spent on their cherished game, in a matter of seconds. It can have a shattering influence on the person!

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It has happened to professional and amateurs alike, so no one is immune to this calamity! Hence, I’d suggest everyone to spend wisely, and not wager with micro-transactions. Whether it is your own assets or someone else’s, it is valuable and should not go to waste over a minor fault.

How Much Have You Spent On League Of Legends

Is There a Limit To How Much You Spend On League Of Legends?

Like numerous other renowned video-games, and e-commerce websites, League of Legends does, in fact, have an expenditure limit. However, as comforting as that might be, there’s still a probability that your child might bare your bank account.

As beheld in several League of Legends videos online, there’s no certainty as to what that limit is! You’ve probably seen people spend thousands of dollars in a few minutes, hence, it goes beyond a few bucks.

What Is The Average Expenditure On League Of Legends?

According to my interpretations as per reddit post, an ordinary League of Legends competitor spends an estimate of $350, which, if I’m being honest, is still a decent amount. However, this quantity is not based on statistics and is only my insight on the matter.

How Much Have You Spent On League Of Legends


I hope this article answers your questions accurately! Remember, your aptitude is not defined by how much spend, but rather, how much fortitude and energy you dedicate to the game. No professional e-Sports player became an expert from assets, and it will certainly NOT make you an expert either! Emphasize on your competence, and only then will you flourish.


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