How to Become the Masters of Prime Factorization Very Easily?

 The prime factorization is considered to be the process of factoring a particular number in terms of prime numbers which will mean that factors will be prime numbers. All the concepts of prime numbers and factorization methods will be very much important for the kids so that they can solve the questions very easily. The simplest possible algorithm for finding out the prime numbers is to keep on dividing the original number by prime factors until people get the remainder up to 1. For example in the case of 30 dividing it by prime numbers people will get the prime factors as two, three and five. Hence, being clear about this particular concept is very much important for the kids so that they end up making the right decisions associated with the questions in the later classes as well.

The prime factorization is the best possible way of finding the prime factors of a particular number in such a case so that the original number is evenly divisible by all these kinds of factors. Any composite number will have more than two factors which is the main reason that this particular method will only be applicable for the composite numbers and not for the prime numbers. The prime numbers one multiplied by adding the natural or prime numbers will give the composite number. This particular method is also used in the case of finding out the highest common factor or the least common multiple of any given set of numbers.

 The prime factors of the number are considered to be the set of prime numbers which when multiplied together will always help in giving the actual number and will divide the number completely. This is very much similar to factoring in a particular number and considering only the prime numbers among the factors is vital.

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Following are the most important methods of prime factorization:

  • The division method: Under this, the kids need to calculate the prime factors by dividing the given number by the smallest possible prime number and this particular number should exactly divide the number. After this, the kids need to divide the quotient by the smallest prime number and then repeat this particular process until the quotient becomes one. Finally, they need to multiply all the prime factors to check if they are on the right track or not.
  • The factor tree method: To find out the prime factorization of any kind of number with the help of the factor three method it is important for the kids to consider the given number as the root of the tree and then right of the pair of factors as the branches of a tree. Then they need to again factorise the composite factors and write out the factors pairs as the branches. Then this particular step is to be repeated until the prime factors of all the composite factors are found.

 Hence, being clear about both of these methods is very much important for the kids so that they can solve the questions very easily and there is no hassle at any point in time throughout the process. Further, being clear about the implementation of the long division and factorization methods in this particular area is another very important aspect to be mastered by the kids so that they never face any kind of hassle at the time of solving the questions in the exam. Enrolling the kids on platforms like Cuemath is a good idea so that they become familiar with the concept of prime factorization very easily and never have to face any kind of issue in the examination. The best benefit of registering on this platform is that kids will be taught by the experts of the industry who will be providing the kids with the right kind of tips and tricks to be implemented so that they score well in the exam very easily.

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