How to Know if it’s Time for You to Move Somewhere New

You went through so many steps to buy a house, a process that is not easy. But you’ve been there for a while and you’re starting to wonder if you should move on.

Sometimes it’s a gradual feeling and other times it seems to smack you in the face.

Making the decision to leave a home you’ve put roots, time, and effort into is not an easy one. Consider these things to determine if the time to move is right for you.

Things are getting too routine.

You’ve got the same plans every weekend. You find no more joy in exploring the local areas and feel that, in fact, the list of things to do has shortened considerably.

Sometimes you simply explore all you possibly can in an area and if you are someone who isn’t content with hitting a wall, it may be time to pack up and go.

Your friends and family are leaving.

Perhaps you have a tight knit community in your area of family or friends. These are the folks you can call up on a random night to hang out or make plans with weekend after weekend. You relish visiting them.

If you notice they are all slowly starting to move out of the area, you may want to ask yourself why.

If only one person or set of people are moving but they mean a great deal to you, you may want to consider relocating so you can be close to them. This is often seen with aging parents or people expecting a new family member.

Your job prospects are drying up.

You might be in the market for a new gig and are finding it hard to land anything in your immediate area that fits your salary requirements. It’s possible you’ve outgrown the job market that you reside in.

Typically the only solution for this is to look way outside your area for fresh opportunities.

You’re strapped for cash.

Some areas are hit with inflation much harder than others. The grocery store, gas, even the local laundromat may be raising prices to the point that you’re feeling your wallet is being hit hard.

It may be time to move to an area with a lower cost of living.

You’ve outgrown your space.

Whether it’s having kids, increasing your pet count, or taking on a new hobby that requires more space, there are several ways you can outgrow a home.

If you find your space is no longer serving your needs you should seek a house that’s better suited for your expanding life.

Your space is too big.

On the flip side, you may find you have too much empty space in your house. This could be due to children leaving the home or a partner moving on. 

Consider downsizing.

You catch yourself dreaming of another life.

It’s fine – healthy, even! – to daydream every now and again. But are you doing it too often, and are those daydreams of a totally different home in a totally different place? 

If you find yourself wishing for a new place to live, that’s a strong sign you need to leave where you are and seek something new.

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