Ideas to Market Your Solar Installation Business

As the need for cleaner and renewable energy keeps increasing, newer firms that offer such services are also on the increase. There are several firms that offer solar installation services, making the industry competitive. To stay afloat in this increasing industry, every smart solar company must have an effective marketing strategy. Creating such a strategy is not easy, so it is not out of place for them to hire a professional marketing company.

The solar industry didn’t start increasing right from its commencement. It took many years to fully convince people about the importance of this renewable source of power. And till today, some still need to see reasons why they should invest in it.

Being able to market your business and reach your target audience will give you a great edge against competitors in the industry. You must have an internal marketing team who will do all they can to achieve your sales goals. However, hiring a professional for this will make a huge difference to your solar business. If you need help on what to expect from hiring this professional, you will find the guide in this article helpful.

There are several ideas you can use to successfully market your business to its target audience. Let’s discuss them, as well as, certain factors that can help you choose a good professional marketing company.

Helpful Ideas to Market Your Solar Installation Business

The following are some of these helpful strategies that work:

Create a Business Website


Every business is going online. Regardless of what industry a company is in, having an online presence is of utmost importance. Many people prefer to hire services or buy products online than in person. Creating a business website for your company is a good way to reach your target audience. 

You need to have a clear and clean website that is easy to navigate and use. Your prospective clients need to understand what your firm offers and how they can reach out to you. Ensure that your website is mobile-friendly and easy to access from any part of the world.

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Increase Online Visibility

Creating a website is not the only way to increase your online visibility. You need to rank your website higher than your competitors. You want it to be one of the first sites your potential customers will see when they search for your services. An effective way to do this is through search engine optimization. 

SEO helps to rank your company’s site higher on search engines and increase its visibility. This strategy has long-term benefits. It will create brand awareness for your business and in time, increase sales. If you would like to know more on search engine optimization, check here: 

Social Media Marketing

When social media started gaining relevance, many businesses thought it was only reserved for the younger generation. Today, the importance of social media to marketing cannot be overly emphasized. It is wise to leverage your use of social media platforms and advertise your products and services on them. 

Use Email Marketing

Email marketing help companies offer solutions to prospective clients before they ask for it. While it is not very common, it is an effective strategy to use. Consistently sending out emails to prospects will one day turn them into customers.

Give Accurate Answers to Objections

There will always be objections from prospects on why they don’t want to invest in solar energy. That shouldn’t stop you from marketing your service. So, make sure you are prepared to answer these objections. Talk about the benefits of going solar to them. Give your prospects an incentive that should convince them into making this choice.

Use Word-of-Mouth Advertising

Word-of-Mouth advertising is when your former customers refer others to your business. This is highly effective because prospects will see first-hand the quality of your installation project from your past clients. You can only get a word-of-mouth marketing if you treat your existing customers right. A happy client will be happy to refer family and friends to your firm. 

Have Realtors in Your Connection List

Realtors sell properties and will meet different clients that need your services. Many people carry out major projects after purchasing a property. One such project is a solar installation. If they decide to have this done, you can be sure that the realtor will recommend your business to the customers.

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Have Solar Software Applications

If you want your installation project, marketing, sales, and finance team to work together, you need a customized software application. This software can improve your business marketing chances, making you stand out in the industry. Some of the software applications you need are:

  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Customer identification
  • Operational management

This software will contribute to the success of your advertising strategies. If you would like to know some of these software applications, read here.

Hire a Professional Marketing Firm

There is nothing like hiring a professional for a job. If you want an effective advertising strategy, the best thing to do is hire a firm dedicated to this job. You need to choose a firm that is known for good services. How can you do that? Here are some ways to do so:


Check Online

The internet contains important information that can help everyone. You can search for companies within your area that offer marketing services. One advantage of the internet is that it allows you to research on more than two firms at once. This might not be possible if you were doing a physical research.

Ask Trusted Acquaintances

The only way to grow in an industry is to make valuable connections. You need to have acquaintances in the solar industry. You can ask them about their marketing efforts and if they hired a firm for that. You might not need to follow whatever they say, but you can use their suggestions or referrals in your research. 

Check Experience and Reputation

You need to know how many clients the firm has helped to achieve its advertising goals. You also need to know how reputable the company is to others. You wouldn’t want to hire a poorly reputable organization that won’t offer good services to you, would you? So, take your time and confirm the experience and reputation of the marketing firm before hiring. If you would like to know how to confirm the reputation of a company, check here: 


Choosing a reputable firm to create an effective marketing plan for your business will make a huge difference as you strive to move ahead of your competition. This article has discussed vital strategies that help to market your solar installation business and how to find a good advertising firm.

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