Instagram and Facebook advertising secrets for Q4

Facebook advertising is a must for every amarketer. If you have a business then you should display your ad on Facebook. On the other hand, Facebook is the home-place for Instagram. You can run ads on Instagram through Facebook’s main dashboard. Firstly, buy Instagram followers and gain trust from the random IG users. Then optimize ads through the FB dashboard for your IG campaign. In this article, I’ll share with you important aspects for Facebook & IG ads.

Optimize your ad placement

When placing ads, your ad placement has a huge impact on ad spending. So much so that according to the data, CPC can vary by over 550% depending on different ad placements. To find out the top performing ad placements, log into Facebook Ads and use the Breakdown menu to break down your campaigns by placements.

Test highly differentiated options

Many Facebook advertisers make the mistake of testing too many ad elements at once. For your experiment results to be relevant, you need to collect at least 100 conversions (i.e. clicks or leads) for each variation before you can draw any conclusions. It’s even better if you can wait until you have 300 or 500 conversions for each variation.

When dealing with small advertising budgets, the long wait can be quite frustrating. To find interesting new ad elements faster, use the following formula: Test 2-3 highly differentiated options first to figure out which general theme works best.

Choose the correct campaign target

When you set up a new ad campaign, the first thing you need to do is choose a campaign objective. The Campaign Goal tells Facebook what the ultimate goal of your ad campaign is and helps Facebook’s algorithms to optimize ad delivery.

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Basically, you’re telling Facebook how to automatically optimize your ad campaign.It is imperative that you choose the correct ad target when setting up your campaign,  as it will affect the delivery of your ad and the cost per result.

Exclude “converts” from your target audience.

Another way to expand your campaign reach without breaking your budget is to optimize your Facebook and Instagram targeting. There is no point in continuing to show the same ad to a person who has already made a conversion on the offer. These leads should be moved to the next stage of your marketing funnel and sent new messages to them.

Set up automatic optimization rules

Did you know that you can set up automatic optimization rules in Facebook Ads Manager? This feature is called Facebook automated rules. And it is available for free to anyone who advertises on the platform.

If the conditions of the rule are met, four things can happen automatically:

  • Disable your campaign, ad set, or ad
  • Send a notification to the advertising manager
  • Adjust the budget (increase / decrease the daily / lifetime budget)
  • Adjust the bid manually (increase / decrease the bid)

Use geotargeting

If you’re running a business as usual, then you definitely need to use geo targeting options. Geo targeting allows you to show ads to people in a specific geographic area. This can produce great results, as the more relevant the ad is to your audience, the more likely it will be converted. If you are already running local Facebook infomercials, then you know that geotargeting works by allowing you to target audiences to specific locations.

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