Alternative Fashionable Colors You Should Have In Your Wardrobe

Open your wardrobe and look at what you have. Probably a lot of navy, grey, brown, white, and black. Are we right? 

Yes, there’s nothing wrong with these colors, but let’s be honest – they can get a little dull and repetitive. The solution? This year, experiment with the rainbow! 

Some guys get a little intimidated, but it’s really not that difficult to incorporate alternative, more exciting colors into your everyday love, starting from fun socks and ties and finishing with hoodies or full-blown suits. 

Here are the fashionable alternative colors you should have in your wardrobe.


Green is great. This color symbolizes rebirth and reminds us of being in nature which evokes a sense of calm and relieves stress.

Unfortunately, guys don’t wear green often because many feel it’s hard to work with, but it’s just a myth because things are pretty straightforward! 

Simply see what shades work best for you, and then start playing! Try t-shirts, scarves, socks, and then graduate to something bigger.

Green offers a lot of great shades from olive, moss, hunter, and deep green to bright lime green or even teal, so there’s no doubt you’ll find what works for you.

Green can help take even the simplest outfit to the next level, so make sure you incorporate some. 


Okay, we get why you might be skeptical, but the right shade of orange, the one on the darker side, is a great, bold addition to your wardrobe. It’s also one of the trending colors in 2022.

It works great for most seasons, and if you’re worried about looking like a pumpkin (you won’t!), you can always use it as an accessory, e.g., in a shape of a beanie, scarf, or pocket square. 

Pair orange with neutral, earthy tones like brown, grey, military green, or maroon to avoid looking messy.


Speaking of maroon, it’s also a trending color for 2022, and if you’ll add only one color to add to your wardrobe, this is it! 

Marron is exciting yet not too loud, and it looks great with all men’s traditional shades like navy blue, grey, white, or black. 

The perfect everyday look? A maroon zip-up hoodie like the one from Fresh Clean Tees, grey chinos, and white leather sneakers. Check them out here:

And if you’re looking for a new suit and are bored with the classic back, why not take a chance and get a maroon one? 


Did you know that purple is a royal color? And that “Veri Peri”, a shade of purple, is Pantone’s color of the year for 2022? 

Now that you do, you can plan to add it to your new year’s wardrobe. It can be tricky to not overdo it with purple, so find a shade that works best for you (mauve, deep red wine, and light lavender are less bold options) and stick with it.

A purple t-shirt, purple socks, or a tie is easy to try those purple waters. Make purple the star of your outfit, and stay with neutrals for everything else! 


Yellow is bold. And we mean really bold. But so are you, right? So take the leap and try it little by little because it’s so much fun. Mustard or canary yellow hoodie or a t-shirt can brighten your or anyone else’s day! 

If you’re very pale, try darker yellows like, e.g., mustard. 

Yellow pairs great with white, blue, grey, teck, and charcoal, but remember to stay away from other primary colors unless you have extensive fashion knowledge.

Lastly, yellow doesn’t have to be monochrome. There are some incredible patterns with yellow out there, so be creative and try them out! 


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