Prime Video WA 888-802-3080 WA – What Is It

Prime Video WA 888-802-3080- What is this?

In recent years, Amazon has become the most common platform for online transactions. Be it routine items or entertainment, Amazon has provided convenience to people across the world. However, having a marketplace on the internet has a cost. Since the internet is not managed by one person, it has its susceptibilities. One of which are scams!

Amazon Prime is the one place for users to purchase movies and other entertainment items. However, many users have reported that they received a charge on their bank statement that they didn’t make. According to many users, it wasn’t a one-time thing but more of a monthly subscription. Some were charged $9.99 and some $4.99, however, it was destructive either way. And, this charge was mentioned as WA 888-802-3080. In this article, we will explain what this charge and how you can refund it if it ever happens to you.


In simple words, it’s a scam! It is a method for fraudsters to scam you into paying them for a “subscription”. These scammers pretend to be from Amazon and they can drain money from your bank account without you even knowing about it. Unfortunately, many users on the internet don’t know much about online scams so it becomes more simple for these fraudsters to scam them.

No one knows who these scammers are! Some people have complained that they scam users with charges from Amazon Kindle and some have reported being charged for a subscription outside of Amazon services. However, many users have also stated that these aren’t scams but rather an error on Amazon’s end for misinterpreting purchases. For instance, many people have reported that they’d purchased music from Amazon but the invoice mentioned “Amazon Video”. But, it is always better to be secure if someone ever does attempt to scam you!


If you do become a victim to this scam, you can refund the amount that was deducted from your account by contacting your credit-card company. You can also contact Amazon Support and they will block the card. In some cases, Amazon may even refund you the amount. But, you will need to have all the required information, such as transaction dates, with you to prove your ownership. Amazon will also do whatever they can to acquire the money back, but they will compensate you before-hand.

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