PDFBear: A Free Online Tool to Convert Excel Documents to PDF


You are now living in a society where technology prevails. Without a doubt, it makes your life easier because it provides more fluid ways of working and learning. Through its offered advancements, you now have access to digital documents. You can submit, collaborate, and receive files without the need to meet up. In this way, you can accomplish various tasks even remotely.

Your experience in handling digital documents would be better if you also utilize online tools. One of the most functional there is on the web is PDFBear. It allows you to alter your files in whatever way you want. Converting documents to PDF is the most popular feature of the website. With this feature, you can easily switch your documents from one format to another. It gives you the power to manipulate PDF, Excel, Word, and JPG, and more.

Using PDFBear to convert Excel documents to PDF

Have you experienced encoding information and creating graphs and charts in a document? If you did, it was probably a requirement in a subject. Since it was a requirement, you had to send it to your professor. After sending, your professor notified you that your document appears very unorganized. Did you know that it is a common problem faced by students when using Excel as the file format? To solve this problem you have to use a converter tool.

PDF has an effective tool to convert Excel to PDF for free. There is no hidden payment when you use any of its features. Unlike some applications and software that require you to pay for their services. It is very useful, especially for students like you, who do not have a source of income yet. Upgrade your account at a low price if you have the intention to make use of the website’s full potential. Aside from its affordability, it has a user-friendly interface. So don’t worry if you are a newbie in using the website. You will eventually figure everythi

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Detailed steps when using the converter tool

Grab your device, connect it to a stable internet, and click any of this browser. After you found its website, familiarize yourself with its interface. Click the Excel to PDF converter tool. There would appear a 4 step instruction on your screen explaining how to convert your document to the desired format.

To start the conversion process, click the select files button on top of the listed instructions. By clicking it, you can search for the document you want to convert from your device storage. As an alternative option, you may drag and drop the file on the toolbox. After uploading it, you don’t have to do anything anymore but wait for a few seconds. Once the converted file becomes available, you can download it instantly.

What makes PDFBear an amazing converter tool?

For you to appreciate this website, you must know the benefits you can get from using it. It is not just an ordinary tool you see on the web. Continue reading to know what makes it an attractive converter tool.

1.   It’s a converter tool that is very accessible

It is highly accessible since you can utilize this feature whenever and wherever you are. You can use the website even if you only have access to a smartphone. This kind of device is not a problem. The same is true with web browsers and operating systems. You can use anything you are most familiar with. In this way, you won’t feel lost when using the website.

2.   Easily lets you share new versions of a file

The website is best to use in situations where you are beating a deadline or you need to share the converted file with someone else instantly. The website will provide a link that you can share using any of your social media accounts. The link will allow the receiver to access the file instantly.

3.   Maintains the quality of the original file

The converted file will have the same quality as the original file format. The conversion process will not reduce its quality. The website is committed to providing its users with the best possible experience when utilizing its features.

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4.   User’s privacy is its top priority

With the increasing threats of data invasion, the website ensures that it uses a strong security system to protect all the uploaded files. Its server is responsible for preventing other people from accessing your files without your permission. It does its job by erasing all your files permanently on its server within an hour of uploading. To prove to its users that it is serious in safeguarding your confidential information, it made a privacy policy.

5.   Provides the converted file in 2 minutes or less

The converter tool considers the time of its users. It does not want you to waste your time just to change the format of your files. That is why its conversion process only includes four easy steps. You can accomplish all these steps in just 2 minutes.

Get to know more about its other features!

1.   Repair PDF

Do you know someone who tried saving or sharing a file but experienced power interruptions? Or someone who had a device that fell victim to viruses and malware? These two scenarios are possible reasons to corrupt or damage a document. You would extremely feel heartbroken if this would happen to you as well. But if ever it does, use a Repair PDF tool.


PDFBear has this feature that will attempt to recover your corrupted and damaged files. To open it again, you only have to go through four easy steps.

2.   Split PDF

If you have difficulties sending a document via email, it might be because of its large file size. To do away with these problems, split the document into multiple files. Aside from the purpose of sharing it with other people, you can also use this feature when you want to remove certain unnecessary pages in the document.

3.   Rotate PDF

If you want your documents to become as organized as possible, you might want to fix their angle. If the positioning of its pages bothers you, then use the rotate PDF tool. It allows you to find the right angle for your files.


The converter tool of PDFBear is the holy grail for most students. Refusing to utilize the website will not make you keep up with the growing demands of school. Access it now to allow yourself to convert documents while sparing some time for more productivity!

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