Scooter Sharing App Development: Examples and Cost in 2022

The electric scooter business is considered one of the easiest and most profitable start-ups today. Even in the smallest city, there are fans of electric transport who will gladly rent e-scooters to ride around the city. At the same time, the cornerstone at the start of the electric scooter business is the development of high-quality software that will be both convenient for service customers and owners. At RexSoft, the team has already faced the need to develop electric scooter applications. Let’s take a look at how it works and how much the scooter-sharing app costs.

E-Scooter App Development on Practice: The Experience of RexSoft 

Getting started on developing a scooter-sharing app is always a choice. And here it is important for the business owner to accurately assess which option would be best for him:

  • Customization of the ready-made application for business needs. On the one hand, ready-made on-shelf applications are convenient but, on the other hand, they are absolutely similar and require mandatory customization to suit the client’s needs.
  • Development of a custom application. This is the most accurate way to provide all the necessary functions and features in the application. But at the same time, this method is also the most expensive, and this version of the electric scooter app development requires a lot of time – on average, at least 1000-1300 hours for development.
  • E-scooter app franchise. With this option, the business owner receives a ready-made solution based on existing RexSoft developments, adapted and customized to the specifics of the business. In addition, this is also the most profitable option, since you will have to pay a basic payment when concluding a franchise contract, and then payment is made monthly and depends on the number of scooters in the company’s fleet.
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Let’s compare the time and money involved in developing these three types of scooter-sharing apps.

Type of appTime expenses (hours)Costs (USD)
On-shelve solution300-60011,000-22,000
Custom development1,000-1,30035,000-45,000
Franchise150-2005,000-8,000 + monthly fees

The difference is obvious. Besides, all three types of application development should meet the basic requirements of the e-scooter rental business. In RexSoft, there is an example of the development of an e-scooter sharing app – the C24 project. For it, the main requirements were as follows:

  • Implementation of GPS technologies,
  • Getting IoT or Cloud technologies,
  • QR scanner integrated,
  • Full-fledged CRM integrated,
  • Smart lock technologies.
  • Secure payments,
  • Social media integration,
  • Feedback form.

That is the basis but not an ultimate guideline. So, for each customer, RexSoft adjusts the application to make it a perfect match. 

Electric Scooter Franchise: What is It and How Much Does it Cost?

What Is the Franchise for Electric Scooter Business and Why Choose It

As we’ve mentioned, RexSoft’s scooter-sharing app franchise is the most convenient for business startups. It provides businesses with fully customized applications on the most profitable terms:

  • Fast customization, installation, and adjustments for applications on the company’s devices.
  • Full maintenance and support regularly.
  • Moderate basic payment that starts from $5,000 and depends on the size of the e-scooter fleet. More scooters – lower payments.
  • Affordable monthly fees that are calculated on the number of scooters too. For a fleet of 50 scooters, the monthly fee is $8 per scooter, for bigger fleets, there are considerable discounts.

With the franchise, you can reduce costs for scooter-sharing app development at the starting stage of your rental business without getting a standard solution. That is profitable and easy for business owners.

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