Sex Machines

Sex machines are a real treasure for true connoisseurs of new sensations. These devices are much more complicated than standard dildos, as they are equipped with a powerful electric motor that converts torque into various translational movements, as well as vibrations. All functions of the device are strictly coordinated with the software.

Below you can see a description of sex machines, what types of these tools exist, how to use them, and how to care for them.

What are the sex machines?

Sex machines are full-length pleasure devices. They are much larger than any other adult toy, they are electrically powered. Depending on the set, the phalluses, which are installed in the place of the intended contact with the body, move along different ways or rotate and vibrate.

Sex machines are supplied with control panels, where you can choose your favorite program and the most comfortable speed. These toys can be penetrating, stimulating, or massage, some of them have the remote control for easy managing the present program. 

Sex shops offer these appliances either for single people or for couples. There are also modifications for the group sex.

Basic types and characteristics

There are a huge variety of sex machines in the market, and each customer can choose any of the following types of them:

  •         Saddles. Devices are equipped with soft vibrating seats. Users can enjoy the tool while riding it after selecting the necessary mode. For more enjoyment, the seat surface can be equipped with different textures.
  •         Engines. Sex machines of this type completely copy the principle of the engine movements with a crankshaft. The torque is converted into translational motion. The phallus, attached to the end of the device, penetrates the vagina and moves back and forth. Convenient handles allow complete control of the process.
  •         Rocking chairs. The user sits on a comfortable round-shaped seat, turns on the appliance, and begins to swing along its surface. The dildo is periodically penetrating the hole of the pussy, delivering unforgettable pleasure
  •         Stroking. A male device that has a hollow tube into which the man inserts his penis. The toy vibrates, and the textures of the inner part of the artificial pussy stroking the erected penis. These machines are full-size copies of the classical masturbators.
  •         Gliders. Unique device. which is supplied with a comfortable saddle. The toy turns on from the movement of your body. You can move in any direction, changing the pose and the strength of vibration, as well as the impact zone of your body. With these devices, you can use both dildos and artificial vaginas
  •         Fucking Rods. A special installation for unforgettable sex on all fours, in the famous “doggy style” position.
  •         Sex machines with electric tools. Sex machines of this type are designed for experienced users, mainly, couples or groups of people. At the edge of the devices, the various construction tools are fixed with improvised soft tips. When using, it is recommended to comply with the safety data sheet, since the engines are characterized by increased power.
  •         Adjustable sex machines. Universal devices that can be adjusted in any direction by pressing different buttons on the control panel. The number of useful functions depends on the category and equipment of the tool.
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We would like to notice that all sex machines are total certified devices. Before selling, they are subjected to multi-stage checking and totally follow the requirements of the safety equipment. Some users can try to make a sex machine with their own hands, but this is very dangerous for your health and doesn’t guarantee pleasure.

The women’s sex machines features

Materials and the production quality

When choosing a sex machine, it is necessary to pay special attention to the materials from which it is made. All components shouldn’t contain toxic components and cause allergies. Usually, these gadgets are made of the following materials:

  •         Surgeon stainless steel.
  •         Natural leather.
  •         Eco-leather.
  •         Latex.
  •         Eco-rubber from natural components.
  •         Silicon. 
  •         Mineral glass.
  •         ABS, food plastic.

All materials should have a high-density composition, without any hollows for fast wet cleaning after use. The main component that shouldn’t damage health is the penetration dildos, fake pussies, and other contact parts of the machine. 

The power of the engine

Before buying the necessary sex machine, you need to pay attention to the power of the engine. The speed of the dildo and other devices for enjoyment depends on this parameter.

Besides, these characteristics also influence the frequency of the penetrating and deepness. 

You should also check, if the machine has the vibration function, because somebody thinks, that this function is automatically added in each modification.

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Also, if you found out, that the machine is supplied with the vibration function, you should also check, how many levels of speed and frequency it has. 


Almost every sex machine is supplied with masturbators, fake pussies, or dildos from different materials. But for somebody, it cannot be enough, because advanced users have much more imagination. So, some appliances of this category can also be supplied with the following optional tools:

  •         Double-dildos for group sex, or anal penetration.
  •         Sucker for fixing the dildo for more pleasure.
  •         Vac-u-lock – this option helps you to fix the tool in the right position.
  •         Floggers – for the users, who like BDSM activity.
  •         Dildo’s extension sticks for different sizes of vaginas.


If the long-time married couples live together, and they haven’t any secrets from each other, they can always buy a full-size sex-machine. 

In some cases, many people prefer to hide such devices from strangers. For these purposes, producers have come up with compact devices, which fold easily and discreetly fit into a closet or drawer.

By the way, all beginners are also advised to start with compact sex machines, as their price is much lower than that of full-size devices.

How to use it?

Before using it for the first time, it is recommended to study the manual description. For real enjoying, users should consider some nuances:

  •         To decrease the friction and avoid injures, it is necessary to use as much lubricant, as possible.
  •         Need to test the machine before full-time use. You should study all speed levels and the total amplitude of the dildo’s moving.
  •         Some of these machines can cause a lot of noise because of the vibrational. The best decision to avoid the neighbor’s marks is to use the high-density rubber rug.

A high-quality multifunctional sex machine will refresh the family life, break down the boundaries between partners and provide new sensations that you have not experienced before.


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