Technical Education and Its Importance in Society

“It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.”

-Albert Einstein

Ever thought of a day without your phone or laptop? It isn’t easy to survive without gadgets nowadays. Technology is all around us, and believe it or not, we cannot survive without using it. And that includes education as well, thanks to the 2020 pandemic. 

Yet, people continue to accept the indispensability of technology. Instead of the constant denial, the onus lies on us to understand the intertwined role technology has to play in our lives. Accordingly, we need to adjust ourselves to the present scenario and get familiar with all forms of technology to bag every opportunity knocking on our doors. 

To that end, let us get started and understand how important technical education is for every student!

Technology’s Impact on the Current Job Market

Education has always been important. But with time, the perspective toward education has changed. Institute of Public Policy Research (IPPR) shared that most of the jobs expected to drive economic growth and mobility in the future will not require traditional education. The report focussed mainly on apprenticeships and on-job training. 

The Edge Foundation has also claimed that 90% of the jobs created in the future will depend on vocational training and not on academic degrees. The competitive job markets need people with proper technical skills and are not only dependent on your academic career and achievements. Technology has a lot to do in the present scenario, and you must have the right skills to make the cut. 

If you look at country-wise data, you will see major improvements in education with the advent of technology. For example, India in the 21st century is able to accommodate only 9% of its 100 million youth between 18-24 years of age compared to US’s 80% and Canada’s 20%. The heavy fiscal deficit of the country has restricted it from making more brick-and-mortar education institutions. However, the emergence of online education has given hope to the country. Once the country gets its internet penetration correct, e-learning will grow rapidly. 

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These facts suggest how technology can help a country progress rapidly and mend its ways. If you are still considering technology to be an unimportant element, think again. A 2005 study by McKinsey-NASCOM shows that 75% of engineering students and 80% of arts, commerce and science graduates need proper supplementary training to get a job. You can let go of your dreams of getting a job if you don’t have proper technical skills. 

Technology has a crucial role in the present world. You cannot ignore these elements and have to accept the impact of technology in real life. The stats prove that you cannot earn your daily bread and butter if you don’t enhance your technical skills. Even a YouTuber needs a proper understanding of technology to reach out to people. 

Let me give you some instances where technology has affected real-life and has helped solve major problems. 

The Role of Technology in Real Life

You might not believe it, but you will come across people who argue about technology’s adverse effects and cite data shared on some websites. It’s funny yet true. They use technology to abuse technology. The best thing to do is ignore and move on. Let me tell you how technology has impacted real life and has helped us overcome critical situations:

  • Better and effective communication

The essence of communication cannot be denied. But would you like to pass on important information through a letter and wait for the person to revert? Obviously not. People never thought of an effective way to communicate and talk to people staying miles away from their homes till 1876. Alexander Graham Bell brought forth a revolutionary device, “the telephone,” to make communication better and faster. 

With time, the telephone has gone through various changes and has helped us communicate well with others. Presently, you can video call your relatives and talk to them irrespective of their location. Had it not been for technology, you would not have been able to connect with people staying far away from you. 

  • Shopping from the comfort of your home
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Gone are the days when you have to step out of your house to buy things. Technology has brought all your favourite brands to your home. You can buy goods, be it groceries, apparel or electronic devices, without hopping from one shop to another. Technology took away a major burden off our shoulders during the 2020 lockdown, buying groceries. You could do it at the tap of a button. 

Technology has eased our way of thinking about shopping. Today, you also have contactless delivery and can get your payment done through UPI, avoiding the deadly virus completely. 

  • Access to information

Previously, students had to rush to libraries to research and collect relevant information to write the perfect do my assignment help. It isn’t easy to visit libraries every time and collect information. Technology has made things easy for students. You have the world’s largest search engine Google to gather valuable intel and find relevant information. 

You can use your mobile phone to search and will not have to switch on your laptop or desktop every time. Technology has brought the world to your fingertips and easily helped you sail through complex projects. 

The access to information is not restricted to students only. All of us can access the internet and gather the right intel to overcome hurdles. 

Final thoughts,

Irrespective of some adverse effects of technology, you cannot deny its significance in the present world. Students, especially, must value technology and have essential technical skills to grab the right opportunities in the future. The fact that technical education is a lifeline cannot be denied. You cannot have a good job if you don’t have the right technical skills. So, understand what is trending and learn the right technical skills to be ahead of others. 

Summary: Understanding technology and its various aspects are essential. The blog will give you insight into why technology is considered crucial and must be taken seriously for a better future. 

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