Buying IPV4 Addresses: 3 must do’s

It has been said that the Internet’s growth depends on the buying of IP addresses. What is an IP address? It is simply a unique number assigned to every device or computer on the network. In short, we can say that it is the network’s identifying signal, which is unique from all other signals being passed through it.

Every device connected to the network is assigned with an IP address and it has its own private number. The number assigned is unique from all other addresses on the network, hence, it is also called as the Unicast Address. If there is a large amount of traffic going through your network, then the Unicast Address will get congested and will affect the quality of your network. Thus, in order to avoid this kind of situation, you need to buy IP addresses to be able to allocate to your devices.

Know the value of IP addresses

The price of a single IP address is still increasing. This means by now, any party willing to obtain an IPv4 block faces significant costs. When your business is in need of IPv4 address space to continue at the pace it has been doing for some time, the purchase of IPv4 is inevitable. However, if a bulk purchase is impossible at this point, again IPv4 lease might be the best option. This allows for fixed costs without the investment up front.

Find the right IP broker 

Not all brokers are qualified to trade to the same extent. Brokers such as Prefix Broker, however, are part of a select group of RIPE NCC brokers that have been involved with the infrastructure of the current RIPE NCC trading network. They adhere to the regulations to the letter and know every detail of every process involved in the transfer of IPv4 addresses. 

To buy IP addresses through a qualified and specialized broker therefore means to rely on great expertise and insight knowledge. An IP broker such as Prefix Broker is able to provide the best offers for the purchase of your IPv4 address block, guidance during negotiations on timing, price, governing law and currencies and assistance in obtaining approval for transfers by the RIR. Looking for a trusted IP broker? Have a look at

Roll a background check on the IP block 

When you decide to purchase IPv4 address blocks, it’s advised to do a thorough background check on the seller and their blocks. By partnering with a specialized IP broker, you’re guaranteed this thorough check. Your broker will check whether the IP block has ever been blacklisted. This prevents you from buying a block that has been corrupted in the past and may cause trouble over time. Moreover, an IP broker knows every rule and regulation that comes with the transfer of IP address blocks. From rights of ownership to legal documents and more. Specialized brokers will help you find the best deal for your demand and negotiate optimal conditions to fit what you need.

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