The 2022 calendar of the MotoGP has been announced

The MotoGP is another incredible competition that has millions of followers every year, and from all over the world. At 1xBet Singapore, many people follow the competition, which recently announced its schedule for the 2022 version of the competition.

In total, there will be 21 races in total, spread across 18 countries. It is curious that all countries have only one race, except for Spain, which has four. They are going to be run in the cities of:

  • Valencia;
  • Jerez;
  • Aragon;
  • and even Barcelona!

The first competition will start in the Losail track of Qatar, on the 6th of March 2022. It is also interesting to see that two countries return to the schedule, after being left out for a few seasons, they are Thailand and Argentina. Also, Finland stays in the schedule, although with a different track altogether. Now they will switch to the KymiRing track for the first time.

Of course, all races of the MotoGP promise to be extremely thrilling and exciting events. All of them can be followed at the Singapore 1xBet website.

Many Premier League footballers are asking for quarantine reductions

Traveling under the COVID-19 pandemic is no easy feat. There are lots of extra requirements, rules, exams, certificates, quarantines, etc. Footballers are no exception to these rules, and this has led to many conflicts between the football federations of different countries, and the national teams of different territories, who are unable to count on some of their best stars. Of course, 1xBet mobile is the best place to learn everything that is taking place in the world of international football.

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The English Premier League is one of the top football competitions all across the world. They have excellent players who come from all corners of the globe, who from time to time are asked to represent their national squads. However, the strict regulations that the UK has imposed state that any individual traveling to certain countries part of a “red list” must undergo strict quarantines.

This certainly affects footballers. After all, they can’t return immediately to play for their English squads after representing their national teams due to these quarantines.

Right now there is a group of footballers who has written a letter to Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, to see whether he can relax the quarantine requirements for these football players.

Of course, such a move might be highly controversial from a political point of view, therefore, the chances that Johson might agree to it are slim at best. In any case, people can continue betting for their favorite stars in the Premier League or in international football through the mobile 1xBet platforms.

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