This Is How to Make Money Selling Old Books

selling old books

Many believe that buying physical books is a dead art form, but did you know that in 2020 750 million units of printed books sold for a profit?

Amid the global shutdown, people de-cluttered their living spaces and began donating their old books just to rid themselves of junk. But they didn’t realize that their ‘junk’ was worth money!

If you look around your house, there is a chance that even you may own a few copies of books that you forgot were even there.

Why not sell them?

If you want to learn about selling old books for a profit, continue reading.

Why You Should Consider Selling Old Books

Selling used books can be lucrative for the same reason that collectors profit from selling nostalgic items. People want them!

But you also have to consider which types of books are currently in demand. Big sellers are books from 3 main categories:

  • Textbooks
  • Books written in the last decade
  • First editions works

The location of where you sell will determine the category you would want to dive into. For someone living in a college town, selling used textbooks to students not wanting to pay for overpriced new editions would sell at a higher rate than regular novels.

Where to Find Books for Sale

People often never pick up the same book again after finishing it, and that causes them to undervalue their worth. Because of this, you can find great titles rummaging through local yard sales being sold for as low as spare change.

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Library sales and local ads for book giveaways are also great for finding and buying book inventory in bulk.

With that said, you have to be mindful of the condition of the books you find. Some book owners can have a good collection, but keep their books in a dark, damp basement where they’ve developed mold. Library sales as well, are pointless if you find popular books, but the pages inside are covered in library stamps.

How To Sell Books

Once you find your inventory and are ready to sell, there are two options available for use in spreading the word. Online or in your local neighborhood.


Selling online is the most popular option because of the vast amount of tools and resources you can use to sell. Whether you sell on one website or all of them, your chance at revenue building is unlimited.

For example, you can sell your first edition collectible inventory on a site like: who specializes in rare books that, if confirmed to be a high commodity, can be worth over thousands of dollars. Knowing your book’s value before selling though, is very important and may need to be researched before you decide to buy.

Local Yard Sale

Having your own yard sale is the second way you could sell books. It can create a better environment to haggle the price if you can show the condition and authenticity of the book in person.

The more traffic you get to your yard sale, the more potential you have to earn, so it could be a good idea to reach out to your local neighbors to see if they want to set up some tables of items as well. It gives a market vibe and draws more crowd attention.

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Sell as Little or as Often as You Like

If used correctly, these tips and tricks can create an equitable lifestyle for those seeking to work whenever they please, while maintaining financial freedom. Or maybe you simply want an interesting hobby that gives you an extra passable income.

Whichever you choose, don’t wait around for those books to collect dust. Start your selling old books business today!

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