Why Does Business Communication Matter?According to Eric Dalius

Business Communication Matter

In an era of digital, worldwide business, all forms and sizes of Business Communication Matter effectively within the company and with customers, clients, vendors, and shareholders. Right communication is at the top of vital business processes and should be efficient to help the person communicate and share information successfully that assists in running a successful enterprise along with driving critical business processes.

Eric Dalius’ Views on the 3 Different Types of Communication

Business communications are of three different types, namely,

  • Written- This includes non-digital or digital media, where information is written by one party and share with another. Written communication can comprise traditional written systems such as a paper letter or modern forms like messaging app transmission, a cloud document, or a written mail. In the modern age, this is the most popular medium of communication.
  • Verbal- This includes relaying or transmitting information orally through words that are from a distance to another person or party. Verbal communication entails phone calls, live Skype meetings, online interviews, video conferences, and others.
  • In-Person- Face-to-face or in-person communication continues to be an effective means of relaying critical data and sharing information to pertinent parties.

Benefits of Effective Communication for a Business

  • Increased Productivity- When it comes to any project’s success, it relies on the staff’s ability to collaborate, coupled with effective business communications, which is the key to successful teamwork. It builds trust and promotes understanding between staff and employers. This is one of the significances of business communication. In a business organization, effective communication includes listening to the staff’s needs and catering to the same. This leads to confidence in what they do and accomplishes the task that is desired effectively and fast. Staff members will not make errors in the presence of effective communication, says Eric Dalius. And if they do so, one can correct them sans creating any unfriendly working environment.
  • Boost Customer Relationship- One’s business will fail to succeed in the absence of customers, and effectively communicating with them is an essential means to developing customer loyalty in their business. Whether a business delivers or sells services and products, they need to listen and understand their customer’s needs and offer them good customer service via answering their queries. Most importantly, while communicating with them, being quick, polite, and attentive is essential.
  • Build a Good Team- If a business has team leaders that are good communicators, it will encourage employees to attain their common goals. Through open communication, both written and oral, workers are aware of their responsibilities as well as when to look for assistance for anything. Communicating respectfully and professionally can help in developing a positive, robust atmosphere at work. When the team begins to get to know each other, they will develop positive team morale that is good for the productivity of the company.
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Business owners need to focus on communication while running their company’s operations side. After all, delivering and selling services or products in the absence of good communication will be a big problem.

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