How Does an International PEO Work?

International PEO

It can be interesting and exciting to consider expanding one’s business to other shores. However, the need for capable hands warrants the search for employees, one of the numerous tasks for which a global / international PEO is built. These are service providers that assist employers in undertaking the processes attached to hiring and managing workers.

Businesses that have a global presence in different parts of the world need to pay attention to this. At the same time, it should be remembered that this involves a lot of paperwork and coordination with the authorities that are present in the different countries. This is why you need to work with a reputed, credible and experienced business law firm and attorneys to help you. If you want to explore how you can strike a partnership with one such leading business law firm, read more.

Labor laws and regulations are peculiar to specific countries. Having requisite knowledge of these intricate laws can be particularly demanding. Asides from this, recruiting the best talents in foreign locations while trying to set up your business and navigate the foreign marketplace can be exhausting. This is why global/international PEOs are one of the biggest role players in this line. How does their strategy help you and your business? How are their operations accomplished?

Defining a Global/International PEO

Organizations that assist companies in sourcing and hiring an excellent stock of competent individuals as well as taking care of their income payments and other remunerations are known as global/international PEOs. What does PEO stand for? It is an acronym for Professional Employer Organization. This designation implies that their skillful services aim at providing beneficial assistance to companies and business owners who engage in global expansion.

To alleviate the burden of creating a formal structure in a foreign location, a global PEO ensures that its clients conform to the fundamental regulations of labor regulatory bodies. Their managerial capabilities range from hiring and training of employees to ensuring that crucial human resource management affairs are expertly handled.

What Process Does a Global/International PEO follow?

This is not so different from asking how does a PEO work? The tasks of a global/international PEO encompass several managerial and administrative duties, and as such, it follows a lot of processes. These include:

  • Sourcing and hiring of qualified individuals
  • Conduction of orientation and training for new hires
  • Preparation and administration of payroll on behalf of clients
  • Handling of other financially-related matters such as insurance and remunerations compliantly
  • Making tax payments to the appropriate bodies at the stipulated time
  • Assisting business owners and companies with easy access to international markets with legal services.

Global/International PEOs such as WeHireGlobally have the structure, technology wherewithal, and expertise to ensure that these processes and more are conducted in the location of your choice in more than 150 countries across the world without hitches. These outsourced duties leave you with ample time to steer the affairs of your business without pressure.

Additional Services from Leading Global PEOs

Most global PEOs offer a wide range of services. Some leading service providers create benefits for their client’s employees to establish a competitive edge in the global market. Some of these services include:

  • Handling sensitive employee data for clients
  • Evaluating the management and operational procedures of its clients and proffering expert advice
  • Making provision for perks and plans that cover transportation, disability, and retirement or others as requested by employees
  • Designing manuals for employees containing rules and policies of the company
  • Organizing training sessions for employees on various relevant areas to enhance development.

Asides from regular HR dealings, they offer these cost-effective solutions to ensure satisfactory work experience in a positive environment. This helps to foster productivity and output, thus promoting business growth.

Who should use a global PEO?

Business establishments aiming to spread the reach of their enterprise should use a global PEO. Here’s why: to achieve business goals within a short period in desired geographical locations with compliance to standard laws and regulations. There is barely any limit nor restriction to the kind or size of business that can use a PEO as goals can be achieved by just taking advantage of global PEOs such as WeHireGlobally. Who should employ the services of a global PEO?

  • Small-sized and medium-sized enterprises that intend to compete in the global market. Global PEOs can help mitigate their risks and losses by providing a structure with requisite services such as expert advice, administration of payroll in different countries, and conformity with employment laws in multiple geographical locations.
  • Corporations with the intent to concentrate on other significant tasks and objectives. The professional services offered by global PEOs will help large organizations focus on other pertinent tasks.
  • Corporate entities that wish to create a niche for their businesses in foreign locations. This will conserve the resources meant for setting up multiple entities that will require tedious processes.

What is the difference between an International PEO and a Domestic PEO?

An International Professional Employer Organization is a company that offers services relating to human resource administration and management. They can hire employees, train them, handle their payroll, insurance, and tax while ensuring that clients remain compliant with regulations. They help companies that seek growth and international expansion.

A domestic PEO on the other hand is also a Professional Employer Organization that deals with US-based companies. These organizations based in the US have the opportunity to outsource certain specific HR responsibilities to a domestic PEO.

In other words, while an international PEO gives room for businesses to have an intercontinental reach, pushing their enterprise beyond their local shores. A domestic PEO just deals with companies within the US and its states alone. Also, with an international PEO, companies don’t necessarily need to set up legal entities as they already possess the necessary infrastructure to do so. However, the configuration of a domestic PEO requires an organization to register their business in every location they intend to reach.

A domestic PEO often serves as a co-employer. This implies that companies still bear risks and liabilities as employers. In contrast, an international PEO fully bears these risks on behalf of their clients.

International PEOs Challenges

Though global/international PEOs provide a lot of services, their shortcomings cannot be overlooked as they may be critical to the growth and development of their clients. Some of these challenges may be a result of their structure. These are:

  • Limited options of service providers.

This occurs because an international PEO will only create options for organizations to work with. For example, insurance companies, health insurance providers, and others. This poses the challenge of limited options as the client can only work with the service providers that their global PEO uses.

  • Non-exclusivity of company employee data.

Since employee data and information have to be shared with the global PEO, the company no longer holds its exclusivity. This compromises the data security of company employees.

  • External influence

The presence of an international PEO in a company exerts some sort of influence on the work culture of such a company. This may result in disruption if not properly managed.

  • Lesser roles for HR departments

This may be true of organizations that relieve their HR problems via the global PEO solution. It may mean lesser roles for members of the HR department of such an organization.

Start your Global Expansion Journey with WeHireGlobally

Whatever your goal may be with regards to global expansion, a global PEO like WeHireGlobally is available to help you cater to your business needs. Start your global expansion journey by taking advantage of our professional services in more than 150 countries across the globe. We can help you manage your HR operations in a compliant manner in these locations.


What are the benefits of an international PEO?

Outsourcing your HR responsibilities to an international/global PEO relieves the burden of compliance. It helps to achieve desired business goals within the stipulated time. It fosters employee productivity and business growth.

What are the disadvantages of an international PEO?

An international PEO provides few options of service providers. A company can only work with the service provider of their PEO. Employee data security can be jeopardized because it is no longer exclusive to the company.

What do you look for in a PEO?

Total compliance with labor laws and regulations is mandatory. Technological support and its applications to the preparation of payroll and tax are important. A PEO should have an up-to-date technology system. Knowledge of the geographical locations in which their services are supplied is also required.

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