7 Best Old Disney Shows You Should Stream Right Now!

Old is gold! This definitely stands true for some of the oldest shows you will find on Disney Channel. If you’re a 90s kid, you must’ve grown up watching shows such as Dexter’s Laboratory, The Powerpuff Girls, Johnny Bravo, and more. While the shows released today are entertaining as well, they do not have the charm that the old shows had! Maybe it’s also because you have grown attached to those old shows as they remind you of your childhood. Whatever the reason, sometimes you feel like watching something to uplift your spirits and it is on those days that we recommend you stream these shows!

Not only will it uplift your mood, but you will also love how simple these shows were back in the day. The animation style for animated shows may not be detailed and perfect, but it sure feels familiar and comforting. In this list, we have only talked about the shows that you can find on Disney Channel, which you can get in many TV packages. WOW! TV Packages, for instance, do have Disney Channel in their lineup for medium and large TV plans. So, let’s not drag on this intro and get to the fun part already!

  • Hannah Montana

Of course, we had to start with this. This was THE show back in the day. Miley Cyrus was undoubtedly a role model for young girls everywhere with her double life. In the morning, Miley Cyrus, the ordinary teenage girl in high school, but at night, Hannah Montana, the sensational pop star with millions of fans. Her best friends Lily and Oliver eventually find out that she is a pop star and help her keep her secret hidden in various situations.

Her father, Robby Ray, and her brother, Jackson, are also characters in the show, and their relationship with Miley is often shown to be very close, although it may not seem so. If you want to remember what your teenage years were like, this show will take you back! 

  • That’s so Raven!

Another popular show released in the early 2000s, That’s So Raven, follows the life of Raven Baxter who can see random glimpses into the future and tries to live a normal high-school life. Oftentimes, Raven sees visions that she misinterprets and tries to stop from happening by designing and wearing elaborate disguises, as she loves fashion.

She has two best friends, Eddie and Chelsea, who she confides in and who help her execute her “masterplans” to change the future. Her little brother, Cory, and her parents, Tanya and Victor, are also involved from time to time in Raven’s plans. The show has four seasons and was quite a success with the viewers. It is also one of our favorites!

  • Kim Possible

An iconic and memorable tune that we all remember is Kim Possible’s phone ringing in the first bit of the opening song. The powerful heroine that we all loved and adored as a kid, with some even wanting to be as cool as her, and her sidekick and best friend, Ron Stoppable, fighting crime and dealing with everyday life.

Let’s not forget the adorable Rufus, Ron’s pet, and Wade, the computer genius who sided with Kim and sometimes even, tagged along with her on her missions. The main antagonist of the show, Dr. Drakken, and his sidekick, Shego, constantly came up with new plans to take down Kim Possible. The show, being unique back in its time for having a competent female hero and a not-so-competent male sidekick, was a success and became one of Disney’s top-rated series. If you have watched this show, you will remember how awesome it was and if you haven’t, go ahead and watch it now!

  • The Suite Life of Zack and Cody

How could we not bring this up? The iconic show with the adorable but mischievous twins who would always cause trouble in the Tipton Hotel! Other loving characters include London, the heiress of the Tipton Hotel, Maddie, the girl at the hotel’s candy counter, Mr. Moseby, the manager, and Carey, the twins’ mother who is also the hotel’s lounge singer.

The reason the boys live with their mother in the hotel is because she is a single mother. The series was quite successful which is why there was even a sequel series launched called The Suite Life on Deck. The show is very funny specifically because of the twins’ opposite personalities and how they still manage to get in trouble and get out of it together.

  • Good Luck Charlie

Another feel-good show from the early 2000s is Good Luck Charlie where we see Teddy, Charlie’s sister, and her full-of-surprises family and how they come across various comical situations thanks to their actions while taking care of the youngest daughter Charlie. Teddy makes a video diary for her youngest sister where she leaves advice on various topics that Charlie might need as she grows up. At the end of each diary entry, she or any other family member is recorded saying, “Good luck Charlie!” You can stream this lovable show on Disney and enjoy the craziness of the family as you go along. 

  • American Dragon: Jake Long

American Dragon: Jake Long is about the story of a normal kid in NYC living his life to the fullest. Except that he can transformed into a dragon and uses his powers, which were passed down to him from his family, to fight the evil Dark Dragon. He is trained by his grandfather to become more powerful and ultimately defeat evil. The show was a relative success and two seasons were released. You can find the show on Disney+ and Disney Channel. It is a mostly cute show showcasing the troubles of a little boy and how he learns to balance his personal life with his mystical life.

  • Recess

Recess is an animated series about a bunch of kids who try to survive school, especially recess. T.J. along with his group of friends, try to make the best out of their recess and also adhere to the rules of King Bob and other kids who rank above them. Just like it is depicted in many school shows, there is a hierarchy among the kids that is enforced by the strong ones. The group of friends also have to look out for Miss Finster and her teacher’s pet Randall as they can be kept away from recess due to them. The show was a big hit and lasted for six seasons. It is the perfect show to binge-watch on a boring day. 

So, there you go!

That concludes our topic. It goes without saying, but there was no particular order to this list and all of these shows were based on our personal tastes and preference. So, naturally, we have watched these shows as well and since they’re on this list, we have loved them! Yes, there are plenty more shows that can be further added to this list, but we recommend that you watch these before any others!

Surely, you must have some shows of your own that you would also like to add to this list, and who knows? We might make part 2 of this list to add in more old Disney shows to stream!

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