9 Notifying signs your baby is suffering from continuous Gas and Bloating problems

Do you think your baby is suddenly getting too much gassy? Are you not able to understand the signs? Worry no more, as our blog will help you in understanding and know all the signs that a gassy baby shows.

When your baby is gassy, he/she may not be able to say that to you. But as a parent, you need to take proper care of your infant and make sure that they are not too gassy. Even when adults get fussy and irritated when gas forms in their stomachs, it is normal for kids to get all fussy as well.

Let’s take a look at all the signs which show that your baby is suffering from gas problems.

1. Unusual passing of gas

If you notice your baby passing gas unusually a lot more than the usual times, then that will be your first sign. Babies generally pass a lot of gas when they are young. But, if your baby is having gas issues, it will be passing a lot of gas than usual. They will start passing gas even when their stomach is full, and they have had their meal. That is the moment when you should understand that your baby is facing gas issues. To make sure this doesn’t happen, you need to make sure of the fact that you provide a proper meal to your baby. If you are using baby formulas, make sure you use a proper baby formula for your kid. You can use the European baby formula, as they are generally organic and healthy for the baby as well.

2. Rashes

Rashes are common symptoms for the baby when they are gassy. If you see rashes forming on your baby’s body in unusual spots, then gas can be one of the reasons for that to happen. The reason for the formation of the gas can be because they not getting the proper diet. It can also be because of swallowing too much air. You need to keep a check on the unusual rashes, if you are not sure of the facts, you can check with the baby’s doctor and provide him with proper medicines.

3. Constipation

If your baby is not pooping or is pooping very less, then it is another symptom of them forming gas. If the poop stays in your baby’s stomach for a long period, gas will be formed, and it will further lead to bloating. There can be various reasons why it is happening. The baby’s digestive system is already very weak, and constipation is a very common thing to happen. For this, you need to provide your infant with proper meals which have fiber and other nutrients. You also need to break down the food because they have a weak digestive system. You can show your baby to a doctor if the constipation problem is not getting solved at all.

4. Cries and pain

If you see your baby getting all irritated and getting very fussy all the time, the gas can be one of the problems. Gas means pain in the stomach, and if your baby faces abdominal pain in the stomach, he/she will not stay quiet. Rather, they will start getting fussy all the time, and they will start crying now and then.

5. Sudden weight loss

Farting causes weight loss, so if you see your baby suddenly becoming lighter in weight, then gas forming can be an issue. Bloating will be caused by the gas, and if you feel your baby’s tummy has become tighter, then it is for sure bloating. Your baby will start growing weak as well, and they will turn a little feverish. So, make sure to check on your baby’s weight.

6. Vomiting

Gas is generally caused by indigestion, and indigestion is a very much normal symptom in babies. It takes time for the baby’s digestive system to become active. Vomiting is a very normal symptom and a gassy stomach can be one major reason for such happening. If you see your infant vomiting right after they consume their food, gas can be a major reason. You can show your kid to a doctor if needed.

7. Stool

It can be pretty scary if you see sudden blood in your baby’s diaper. If your baby is a passing stool, this means your baby’s stomach has buildup a huge quantity of gas. You must let the baby get the entire stool out of their system. Your baby will start being in discomfort if you don’t let it pass out. You also need to stop feeding your baby some specific food items that cause stool.

8. Sleep disruption

Sleep disruption is a common symptom of a gassy baby. If your baby has suddenly become too gassy, then he/she will start to face pain during the night and that will cause them to sleep very less during the night. So, if you see your baby staying awake the entire night and crying or not sleeping, this can be because of the gas that has formed in their stomach.

9. Unhappy baby

It is normal for babies to be happy all the time, but if you see that your baby has suddenly become very unhappy and is irritated at all times, then gas can be a problem. You will also notice that your baby will try pulling their legs up to their chest. This means that they are going through pain.

Final Thoughts

I hope you like our blog, and I hope you find it relevant to the information that you wanted. The infants are too young to speak, but that doesn’t mean they don’t feel any pain. It is worse for them because they are not able to say what is bothering them. You need to make sure of the fact that you are noticing every happening change in your baby. In this way, if you have a gassy baby, you will be able to notice it sooner.

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