How to Manage a Job on the Side

job on the side

Did you know that 1 out of 3 people that have side jobs do it because they need the money to stay afloat? Many Americans struggle with the ability to manage their finances, just managing to pay their bills. Even more shockingly, 79 million Americans struggle to pay medical bills, making a side job a necessity.

If you are feeling tight with your own money and are ready to add a job on the side, we have put together this guide to share how to manage two jobs. Keep reading to learn our top tips so that you can avoid burnout.

1. Plan Your Schedule

When you are working any side gigs, you need to make sure you take the time to plan a schedule that works for you. If you do not plan out your time then you might end up overworking and burning yourself out, with signs such as detachment and a cynical outlook. 

Make sure that when you are planning your time, you do not compromise your personal and other professional obligations. Try to make it a point to take breaks for dinner, catch up with friends and family, and give your brain a rest.

2. Do Not Mix Your Day Job

A major tip is to not mix up your day job with your side gig, no matter how tempting it might be to work on side gigs such as Rewarded Play, while you are also getting paid for working your full-time job. This is simply an unethical thing to do when your boss is paying you for your time.

It is ok to work your side gig during lunch breaks or other breaks where you are not getting paid. Take the time to establish boundaries to not conduct side hustle tasks while working your day job.

3. Find a Mentor

Usually, you work a side job by yourself rather than with a team. This is why we recommend either finding a mentor that is familiar with working side gigs or a community of fellow side hustlers that have the same mentality as you. Finding a group of like-minded people will help you feel less alone while you are working your side job.

This is also a great way to network and possibly pick up other side jobs as needed. If you are not sure where to find a community, Facebook is a great place to start searching for groups of fellow like-minded, hard-working people like yourself.

Ready to Manage a Job on the Side Like a Pro?

We hope that now that you learned our top tips on how to manage a job on the side, you are feeling more confident and ready to work. Remember the key is to not take more than you can handle because the last thing you need is to burn yourself out and end up not accomplishing either your main job or your side gig.

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