How Can WhatsMySerp Help You

How Can WhatsMySerp Help You

If you’re working in the field of digital marketing, you need to understand that the quality of the content is the key to win a searcher’s heart. If you wish for your company to thrive, keep this point in focus.

There are various tools that digital marketers can utilize to their advantage. However, without an effective and reliable SERP checker, results might be hard to come by. SERP checkers offer a number of perks. But, most importantly, it helps you figure out where you and your strategies stand in the digital world.

A SERP Checker tool comes with a number of benefits. Tools such as WhatsmySERP can help you to understand your website’s ranking. Read on to find out how digital marketers can benefit from a SERP checker.

A SERP Checker: Meaning and Significance

SERP is an abbreviation that stands for Search Engine Results Page. It signifies the pages that show up on a search engine when a user searches for something on search engines. This tool can thus come in handy for to enhance the brand image.

A SERP checker is an SEO mechanism that ranks your business website position on the search engine. It then suggests strategies for betterment. The greater a company’s ability in terms of this, the more customers it’s likely to get.

Tools such as WhatsMySERP can prove to be beneficial here!

WhatsMySERP: An SEO Tool

WhatsMySERP is an SEO tool that was earlier known in the form of WMS Everywhere. It is available for all digital marketers for free.

WhatsMySERP puts in efforts to ensure that all steps being taken by a company to increase their Google ranking aren’t going in vain. For this to happen, a keyword tracker is essential. This is where WhatsMySERP makes an entry.

WhatsMySERP is known to provide regular updates with regards to the ranking and performance of your websites on search engines. It has a quick interface, wonderful features and is available free of cost.

Features of WhatsMySERP

WhatsMYSERP comes with a variety of features. Some of these features have been listed below:

  1. It is free of cost
  2. It requires no downloading and takes up no space in your device
  3. It enables you to check for several keywords across 100 pages available on Google
  4. You can use it to keep a check on your website’s performance and ranking for free
  5. It is very easy to operate

In addition to the aforementioned features, it also includes the following:

  1. Unlimited Demands for Free

This keyword tracker has the capacity to update you and your company by putting up fresh results every day. You can have unlimited keyword related demands that it’ll cater to for free.

  1. Tracking on both Mobiles and Computers

WhatsMySERP functions on both mobiles and desktops. However, a difference in the readings may occur in both scenarios. This is simply on account of the difference in search history, location, etc. However, the cell phone readings can be relied upon to a greater extent.

  1. Upcoming Local Tracking Feature

If you wish to track your website’s local positioning and performance, you can still rely on the WhatsMySERP SEO tool. This is an upcoming feature in the tool that you must stay tuned for!

How to Use the WhatsMySERP Tool?

Using the WhatsMySERP tool is a 6 step process. These are as follows:

  • Open the WhatsMySERP tool on Google
  • Copy and paste your page’s URL in the given section
  • Choose the preferred location and device you wish to use
  • Add required keywords you wish to track
  • Click on the + sign to add more such words
  • Once you’re done with the rest of the processes, hit the ‘check’ icon for results

Benefits of Using a Free SERP Checker

There are several benefits of using a free SERP Checker. This includes the following:

  1. Provides device-specific data
  2. Allows you to see the progress you’ve managed to make over time
  3. A free SERP Checker provides accurate data in terms of your ranking or positioning on search engines
  4. It is very time-saving and frees you from the burden of checking yourself
  5. It provides global and local based data
  6. It enables you to deliver improved works to your clients

Paid Features of WhatsMySerp Checker Tool

If you’re planning to use a SERP checker tool for average purposes, its free features are more than enough. Even within the free account, you’ll be able to go through unlimited keyword checks.

However, for additional and advanced services related to accurate reports, tracking positions, and adding domains, you’ll have to pay an amount of 5 dollars per month.

Summing Up

If you wish to ensure engine success for the substance you produce for your website, you must ensure the usage of SERP checkers. This is essential to maintain the quality and relevance of the information you’re providing.

As shown in this article, SERP checkers are available at reasonable rates. Many can also be accessed for free. WhatsMySERP is one such SEO tool that you can use to serve this purpose.

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