3 Thoughtful Ways You CanTreat Your Parents With Extra Love


You owe the success you have right now to the ones who supported you right from the start. And if there’s one person who stayed right beside you from that day, that is no other than your loving parents–either biologically or the ones you considered as guardians. From the moment of your birth until the day where you have reached all of your dreams and goals, they have made sure that you will be able to make the most out of everything.

However, in the time that you eventually reached the peak and milestones of your life, your parents are already aged. They are starting to lose the strength they once fully invested in you. If you relate to this and you see your parents in the same situation right now, you probably might be thinking of how to give back their sacrifices and love for a very long time. Of course, there is no certain way to give the exact amount of love they have invested in you because that is overflowing enough. But don’t you worry because there are still ways that you can show your gratitude to them! With the 3 tips we are going to tell you, we assure you that they will feel how thankful you are to them!

1.  Buy them things that they were deprived of!

You might consider giving them luxury things that they are not able to get when they are young because of financially supporting you. It can be a piece of jewelry or a luxury watch. Do not hesitate to give them the most luxurious timepieces like Rolex, Cartier, Tissot–or better yet, get each of them a stunning Panerai Watch.

We all know that our parents always put us first in all situations. There are times that even though they want to buy something for themselves, they will end up buying the things that would make you happy. It is because your happiness is also their happiness. But this time, the tables had turned the other way around! It is now your time to give back for all the sacrifices they had made for you throughout your life! These are the things that you can purchase to give to them as a gift whether on their birthdays on some special holidays in your family!

2.  Help them regrow their hair with essential oils readily available in your kitchen

As your parents reach the age of 40s and above, their hair starts to be weaker especially if not given enough care. It may result in baldness or bald spots if their hair continuously becomes thin. As their child, you do not want that to happen! So as fast as possible and as early as now, take the initiative to give them the care that they deserve. To prevent future baldness, introduce to them the hair regrowing properties of essential oils like almond oil, castor oil, emu oil, coconut oil, and so much more! If you have no idea which essential oil to combine we have prepared an instruction for you below! This is a perfect formula for regrowing your parent’s hair if it starts to fall off!

Ingredients and materials

  • Sweet almond oil
  • Organic castor oil (Cold-pressed)
  • Any small glass jar with a lid


  • Add 2 tablespoons of castor oil and 1 tablespoon of sweet almond oil to your glass jar.
  • Shake it well to stir the mixture.
  • Before applying it, make sure that your hair is clean. Best if you just finished taking a bath.
  • Apply it directly into the scalp every night before going to bed. Massage it for 5 minutes to let your hair and scalp absorb the oils.

The mixture of these essential oils can lengthen, smoothen, nourish your parent’s hair with just two weeks of continuous use. This DIY hair growth serum can slowly increase hair length and strength. Just encourage them to persevere in their daily application and visible results will be drastically seen after a month of usage. As a tip, add a little drop of Vitamin E to the mixture!

However, if your parents are already using it and you notice any allergic reaction such as redness and irritation on the hairline and portion of their face close to the scalp, it is best to stop using the essential oils because its formula is not for their skin type! Be cautious enough in meticulously choosing the essential oils that fit them and do not result in harm. It is better to consult their dermatologist to get to know what is best for your parents’ skin and hair!

3.  Introduce to them a new hobby

Our parents deserve to be happy too! After all the stress they have experienced raising us, this time, they need to feel like they are free to make the most out of the time without worrying about tomorrow! One way to do it is to feel entertained by their hobbies once again! If they are into music when they are young, try to encourage them to try musical instruments, or go ahead and have a karaoke bonding with them! You can also encourage them to try planting indoor plants or try planting flowers in the garden! Another tip is to give them the money for your parents to start a business–either a bakery, a fashion outlet, arts and crafts, and so much more according to their personal preference. In this way, they will have the motivation daily and will also be optimistic!

In a Nutshell

One way to show gratitude to our parents is by treating them with extra care and love. You may try giving them things that they love, helping them to regrow their hair, or introducing a new hobby to them! It doesn’t matter what you choose among these three tips! What matters is that you wholeheartedly want to make your parents happy and loved. They will feel it no matter what ways of expression you have chosen to do!


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