5 Handy Tips to Make New and Royal Subscribers on YouTube


Are you a marketer and want to market your platform? Have difficulties being promoted? 

Were you a newbie to social media tools? Try YouTube to promote it. 

Why is YouTube highly recommended for you? 

YouTube ranks second with the highest followers on social media with 1.9 billion MAUs. It’s also known that YouTube, which Google owns, is the biggest search engine globally. I suggest it means it’s a good platform for promoting your products and advertisements. 

How can you prove that YouTube is growing each year? 

In 2018, the number of users on YouTube touched 0.8 billion, then continuously grew, touching 2.3 billion in 2020. 

Then what does it affect the income of YouTubers?

Take a look at the explanation of several popular YouTubers in the USA.  

  1. Ryan’s World earns 30 Million Dollars (31.8 Million Subscribers)
  2. Jeffrey Stars earns 15 Million Dollars (16.1 Million Subscribers)
  3. Shane Dawson earns 12 Million Dollars (19.9 Million Subscribers) 

Sounds Fresh Money, Right? How does it calculate?

Google pays 68% of its revenue to AdSense, so when advertisers pay 100 USD, it pays back 68 USD.

So what does it mean with the tools in YouTube such as comment, like, and subscribe? 

It’s part of CTA(Call to Action) in Marketing to view the content again. So with one view, you got income 0.10 to 0.30 USD with an average of 0.18 USD. I know it’s hard to earn money by opening YouTube channels. So, a new beginner on YouTube is a struggle but try these five tips below to promote it. 

#1 Turn On Your Adsense

Before starting up to open your YouTube channel, try to turn on your YouTube AdSense to be monetized. So, How does it work? We have a button called CPM (Cost Per Thousand Views) and CPC (Cost Per Clicks). Those two tools are crucial because two advertisements will pop out on your channel when your audience is watching your video. 


Your viewers would click to watch the advertisements pop out on the screen, which is the chance to get money. How does it work?

  • The first try would never be perfect but try to create content on your own as a practice straight away; after that, try to promote it to your employees or relatives and ask for mouth-to-mouth sales or create brand awareness and ask them to follow your YouTube channel. 
  • To get an income, your viewers must watch your ad video for 30 or half seconds coming to your YouTube channel. It is not an easy task because not many of your viewers prefer to click on the link straight away. 

#2 Creating Content Based on Trend

After getting a few followers (not that many), you could try to upgrade your content to a smaller to medium scale. What is the indicator? At least got a few revenue incomes from Adsense. But for striving daily needs only by YouTube? It’s going to be hard for you, especially since you only got a few followers through YouTube. These are the tips?

  • Use newbie influencers to join the video and slightly promote your product as soft selling (video review). Then you could boost your followers slowly from that. 
  • For instance, join affiliate marketing for an event related to your content.
  • Combine the two tips above and mix them with a favorite topic in the current trends.

What are the favorite topics in the video that need to be included?

  1. Lifehacks
  2. Celebrity News
  3. News
  4. Food Reviews and Hacks
  5. Jokes

#3 Constantly Creating Content

Practice makes perfect, right? That’s the sound also related to sharpening your skill to the maximum level until it has a perfect remix and composition. With a maximum of 100 hours of video, you need to create a remarkable impression for your viewers. 

To the minimum level is to create an effective strategy and best-keep-secrets that your competitors didn’t know—challenging to create an effective strategy? How to do it? Using a channel that can boost it could be the most straightforward step.

Distinctive and Uniqueness is your character, so better create a blow-up content that is not regular or basic and too simple to get recognized. 

#4 Important and Niche Content

Learning about popular topics above, then is it just creating those topics randomly? The answer is no. It would be best to deliver tips and tricks to the audiences who have meaning. 

These days, people prefer to dive in on video because they have valuable meaning from it. You can’t don’t need to make a 100-minute long video sharing and information. It’s an easy job just using explainer videos with a short description and rich content. 

You, too, have to make sure that your followers follow your guidance straight away so that when they have a problem, they come to you to see the tips and tricks. 

#5 Clickbait and Controversial

Try to find the newest trend on YouTube, and then it would pop out that mainly Kings of YouTubers would create modern hits. Primarily they create content that makes you curious to find out what happens with them. 

You need to create a list of which one is the highest trend of the day. Hopefully, joining the trend will help you get more YouTube subscribers and followers to your channel. The following pipeline would boost it to a community group on YouTube with the “guru” and ask them for advice. Watch and comment on the video with similar content, then learn how to comment and create from it. 

Is it limited to only YouTube? No. You could share it to another platform such as Instagram, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, then reach out to many more followers and audiences to the highest level. 


As a central platform, YouTube has created a tremendous impact on many YouTubers or businesses. The best practice is to keep trying and trying to fit into the audience’s needs with proper planning. 

This is the summary of the explanation above, and you need to include several elements that are your characteristics. Hopefully, this article will help you to overcome those obstacles. 

  1. Bear in mind. You are setting your expectations with a realistic target. Connect to your audiences to feel there is a correlation between you and them. 
  2. Don’t forget to check on your follow YouTuber with the same content on it, so you don’t slip on the current trend. Stick with the same group would also broaden your channel.
  3. Blast your content to your community and small groups on YouTube, and hopefully, it will help you boost your content in social media. 
  4. Don’t forget to use CTA (Call To Action) to subscribe, like, and comment on this YouTube channel for more insightful resources. It’s better to forward it to animations to make it like a slick button on the channel.  
  5. Take a look on Breadnbeyond for future animation tips or any video that fits your needs. We also help many companies to create content that fits their needs and reasonable prices.

How many followers did you get from following these tips and tricks? Comments are down below, and we will try to answer your question for more detailed pieces of information.

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