How to remove plagiarism from pdf document online free

pdf document online free

Removing plagiarism from your files is not so hard as it used to be. On the other hand, it is a lot more necessary than it was in the previous times. We will explain how you can check online plagiarism from pdf documents.

With the change in technology over the years, plagiarism has become a big problem as well. Whereas it can be used to detect plagiarism, it also promotes plagiarism by providing all the material over some clicks.

To remove the plagiarism from pdf documents, you need to detect the plagiarism first.

Plagiarism detectors:

There are many online plagiarism detectors now that help you find the plagiarized content. They can be used on simple copy and pasted text or on different documents like pdf.

pdf plagiarism checker works like any other plagiarism checker. You need to upload your pdf file in the plagiarism checker and the tool will attract the text to verify its originality.

Since there are multiple tools available now and there are many free tools as well, it can be hard trying to figure out which plagiarism checker for pdf works the best.

When you are looking for an ideal plagiarism detector, here are some of the things you need to take care of.

–       Secure platform:

The first thing is finding yourself a secure platform. The content in your pdf file can be a regular essay or classified company files or a classified research paper that you need to submit soon.

Use any plagiarism to check plagiarism online can cost you a lot if it is not secure. There have been several reports about such platforms stealing the content and using them on other websites.

Make sure that you go through the terms and conditions of the files before you agree to anything or upload anything. Try to find the platforms which do not save your files on their databases.

–       Deep Check:

Just checking the plagiarism is not enough and your content needs to be deeply checked all over the internet and from the offline databases as well.

There are multiple plagiarism checkers online which do help you in detecting plagiarism from pdf but not completely. You can try checking it on different platforms to find out which tool is giving you best results.

–       Report generation:

Generating reports can be essential as it gives you more details about your content. The reports mostly contain just the plagiarized content highlighted but there are also some tools which also give you direct links to websites.

You can visit those links to find out which content has been plagiarized so you can remove it or change it as you want.

Not getting a report will also confuse you whether the results are accurate or not. Check plagiarism for freeusing the tools which give you a detailed report about all your content.

–       Paraphrasing detection:

Many times, when the ideas lap over of some people, the wordings might change but the meaning is the same. It can show plagiarism as well in multiple tools and to completely remove the plagiarism from your content, you need to find the paraphrased content as well.

Whether you are using the plagiarism checker for professional or personal reasons, you need this feature in your tool.

Removing plagiarism from pdf files:

Once you have detected the plagiarism in your files successfully, you need to start working on removing it then. There are multiple ways to remove plagiarism from your files such as:

Paraphrasing content:

Paraphrasing the content is one of the easiest way to get rid of plagiarism from your content. When you check plagiarism online, the most focused area in your content is the duplication of content.

There are not a lot of tools that will detect paraphrasing but if you paraphrase the content well, then none of them will be able to catch you.

If you are trying to copy an article and need to remove the plagiarism, the best way to do so is going through it once and writing everything you can remember instead of just copy pasting.

It is better than using the plagiarized content and or trying to paraphrase the content line by line as it can still leave some plagiarism to be detected.

OCR tools:

Your pdf files might consist of some pictures or might be completely constituted of images of text. This can be a problem for you while using the regular plagiarism checkers.

To avoid such problems, different OCR tools are available to help you convert the images into direct text. Once you have converted the image into text, you can make changes in the text then and change the content to remove plagiarism.

It is mainly very useful if you are trying to copy the content from a pdf file and need it in text form. It will save you the trouble of typing the whole document yourself to check plagiarism online.

Using synonyms:

Using synonyms is one of the most widely used ways of removing plagiarism. Instead of using the same words as in the documents, use the synonyms and without changing the meaning and harming the content, you can have the same content.

You can use an online tool to do this for you or you can do it manually.

Why is removing plagiarism important?

Using plagiarized content in any kind of writing is not acceptable. It is an act of theft and can have legal consequences. There are multiple types of contents that you need to remove plagiarism from such as:

  • Articles
  • Web content
  • Blogs
  • Product descriptions
  • Assignments
  • Research papers


The ways to remove plagiarism given above can be used for any kind of writing. Just follow the steps and follow through to keep your websites unharmed and avoid any consequences later.

The least the plagiarism in your content, the better it will be for your grades, your websites, your company, your reputation and your financial status.

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