FIDELITY CD RATES: Current AND Comparison


Fidelity Brokered CDs, in contrast to conventional bank CDs, are distinct in that they are brokered from brokerage firm clients. A brokered CD can be procured from a multitude of banks, however, you can secure it with Fidelity, which permits to avail a sophisticated amount, protected by the FDIC.

Unlike conventional bank CDs, brokered CD prices deviate on a routine basis, and can upsurge or drop at any moment, as opposed to the ones found directly through online banks and Credit Unions.

Another profit from Fidelity Brokered CD is that they possess the utmost prices in the market, and provide a better probability of exceptional outcomes. Albeit, Fidelity Bank doesn’t have the broadest array of CD terms, with only ELEVEN terms to opt from. However, it does make for an effortlessly established CD ranking! You could open every CD account at the same time, and profit from each simultaneously.


There are two ways in which you can open a brokered CD;

  • The first is to open it as new-issue offerings – this exempts you from the reimbursement of trading taxes to purchase new-issue offerings.
  • The second way is to open a brokered CD from the secondary market – however, you will be confronted with trading taxes, which are normally $1 per CD. Albeit, you avail the prerequisite of being permitted to access your secondary market brokered CD before it achieves development.

Fidelity also provides its Fidelity Auto Roll Program, which provides some convenient incentives. Primarily, this program spontaneously recommences your CD, as per your desired asset allocation.

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It also permits prompt withdrawals without conflicting risky consequences, which sets it apart from the majority of conventional bank CDs, which charge a hefty fine for early withdrawals. The drawback typically contradicts the profits of an early withdrawal as it extracts a fragment of the revenue earned.

Each Fidelity CD also arrives with the ease of trading a portion of your assets or tallying onto them with the Fidelity Auto Roll Program. In addition to this, you can set up Fidelity Alerts to track your account and incomes. Also, you can opt-out of the Fidelity Auto Roll Program any time you desire!



Fidelity has, at least, ELEVEN terms for new-issue CDs, from which you decide. I’ve mentioned the dominant CD rates accessible in the Fidelity market below!

NOTE: Prices may deviate from the ones mentioned below!

3-month CD2.00% APY
6-month CD1.85% APY
9-month CD1.85% APY
1-year CD1.85% APY
18-month CD1.90% APY
2-year CD1.95% APY
3-year CD1.90% APY
4-year CD1.90% APY
5-year CD2.15% APY
10-year CD2.50% APY
20-year CD2.50% APY

For the latest prices, refer to Fidelity


1-YEAR APY1.85%1.85%1.75%
3-YEAR APY1.90%1.85%1.70%
5-YEAR APY2.15%1.90%1.70%

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Fidelity CDs

  1. Fidelity can federally indemnify beyond a bank’s limit – federal credit insurance at a bank can only insure up to $250,000 per account sort, per individual. As Fidelity permits the purchase of CDs from several banks, you can reduce the probability of deficit against a deteriorating bank.
  2. The array of terms is broader in contrast to what you may find at the majority of banks – Fidelity provides convenience for short-term and long-term CDs, with seldom 10-YEAR to 12-YEAR terms.
  1. Profitable rates accessible today might deviate – as the CDs are not particularly Fidelity’s, it has no authority over what rates are evident on the market. There is no assurance that you will come across the same rates at night, as you did in the morning. However, once you’ve purchased a CD, you secure that rate!
  2. Somewhat investment wisdom is required – a newbie might be confronted with unaccustomed terms on Fidelity’s platform. For instance, “coupon” regards to the interest-rate, while “call protected” denotes that the CD is not callable.
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You should definitely procure a Fidelity CD account if you are contented with brokered CD accounts instead of conventional bank’s accounts. This imposes that do, in fact, have an extensive assortment of CDs from diverse regions. You can also trade your CDs on the secondary market, if you desire, however, this does pose a risk due to the constant deviation of market rates!

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