Apple iOS 15 New Privacy Features – Email Marketing will Never be the Same?

Apple iOS 15

As an email marketer, every professional’s key metric to measure the success rate is the open email rate.

When the open rate is high, generally, it is assumed that the subject line did a great job to attract the recipients or that the email is sent at the right time when the recipients are more likely to respond.

Or that their subscribers are showing interest towards your content.

On the other hand, when the email open rate is low, it signifies that the subscribers are not even reading the content.

If you notice, all these assumptions or the implications are derived from the email open rate metric. What would happen if we don’t get to track the email open rate?

It’s something worrisome for email marketers.

With Apple’s recently announced iOS privacy features, there will be a change in how marketing professionals leverage email open rates.

Before we discuss more, let us see what else could majorly affect the email open rate.

It could be when you send emails to the incorrect email address or target the wrong audience. The best way to tackle this issue is by using a brilliant marketing tool that could save your time and effort and get you the accurate email addresses of your target audience.

I am referring to the email lookup tools like, which use the big data and machine learning algorithm to locate your prospects’ email addresses. From your side, you have to provide their first and last name in addition to their company domain name.

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Many other tools are also available in the market, and you may start with the free trial of each tool and then decide the efficiency of the tools with the results you get from each of these tools. tool’s freemium package allows you to find up to ten email addresses for free every month.

Now, let us look at the iOS privacy features, which is a matter of concern for the email marketers;

Mail Privacy Protection

According to the reports shared by Litmus, a leading email marketing service provider, Apple mail is allowing the early birds to iOS 15 the mail privacy features (for free) that will mask IP address;

This means that the third parties will be blocked from tracking the email open detail and other IP data.


The new feature includes the subscription to an iCloud along with some additional privacy features such as VPN – like the Private Relay feature; this blocks the third-party sites from tracking Safari users opting in and lets the users learn about the websites they are sharing information to.

Email Address-Cloaking Feature

The hide my email is a feature available within iCloud+ that allows users to provide a fake email address to the sites. Because of this, marketers or brands would not be able to see the user’s actual email address unless they share it with them.

Final Thoughts about Apple iOS 15

Though the paid features might not have a tremendous impact for marketers as it requires the users to purchase a service, the free Apple Mail privacy feature we saw above has created a stir in the email marketing community.

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