Sell My Livestock – Top 10 Ways You Can Do It In 2020

Sell my livestock

Your farm is much more than just a place for crops and plantation, you can turn into a livestock farm and earn more from your animals. The food that your animals produce on your farm for your household is the same that other people purchase for theirs. Nowadays, people have become more conscious of organic nutrition. And, most consumers would rather purchase their food straight from farms in their community instead of industries. In this article, we will explain how you can sell your livestock and earn a passive income from it.



Eggs are a necessary addition to any and every breakfast that most people consume. It is an enormous commerce. But, the conventional poultry industry is unkind and horrible! One chicken can produce one egg per day, and a dozen eggs cost between $3.50 to $5. For instance, you can earn up to $400 in a day from only 1,000 chickens. And, they’ll reproduce so you’ll only be going up-hill from there!


Again, milk is a common part of any breakfast for most people. And, dairy products are preferred by everyone! However, raising a few cows or some goats requires dedication. Milking a cow or goat twice a day, every day isn’t a simple errand! But, your dedicated will be rewarded with people that want to consume pure milk without any preservatives. Similarly, you can also produce dairy products, such as cheese and butter, from the milk and sell that as well.

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This one’s obvious! When you’re finished with breeding your own cows, you can rent your bull to other farmers that want to breed theirs. Often, you can earn up to $200 a month just from this service. And, there is no investment and anything you earn is a return.


Rabbit meat is a demanding thing, particularly in the medical community, as it has digestible proteins and is minor in calories. It is also recommended for people that have cardiac ailments. Rabbits can have up to 12 babies at a time and can be re-bred right after. At the end of the day, all you have to do is care for the rabbits!


If you raise rabbits, you will obviously face poop! But, did you know that rabbit manure is one of the most premium for organic gardens? Rabbit manure is intense in nitrogen and phosphorus, and gardeners will pay you an immense cost for it. Often, you can sell one pound of manure for up to $5.

#6: WOOL

Sheep are remarkable, as they can be raised even on a small-scale farm. Wool is used in the manufacture of attire, bedspreads, and much more. However, the worst part of raising sheep is their nutrition. Premium-quality nutrition is necessary for incomes if you decide to raise sheep. Often, raw wool can be sold for up to $10 a pound.


Home-manufactured goat milk soap is rare to find and people will pay up to $6 a bar for it. Similar to the milk itself, goat milk soap is acknowledged for its organic benefits and anti-allergen outcomes. However, producing soap at home requires some understanding and exercise!

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Bees are simple to raise because they don’t require much time, space or equipment. Raw honey is acknowledged for its anti-allergen properties and it is also a nutritious substitute for sugar. In the recent years, the cost of honey has increased and you can sell one gallon of honey for up to $45.


While honey has its health benefits, honey comb is more of a delicacy. Restaurants pay a decent amount for home-made honey comb and even consumers purchase them. Honey comb synthesized in industries is obviously not natural. And, consumers will pay up to $20 per pound of honey comb. If you’re raising bees on your farm, honey comb is just free real-estate!

#10: MEAT

This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise! If you’re raising a livestock farm, you will also be selling meat. Unfortunately, meat produced in factories isn’t hygienic! Yes, it is expensive to raise green-fed animals for meat but once you do, they make a decent return. Consumers and premium restaurants will pay hundreds of dollars for organic beef, mutton or lamb.

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